Did You Find Your Gate Preparation Books?


Did You Find Your Gate Preparation Books?

If you are preparing for GATE 2019, then the first and foremost thing that you should consider is the right choice of books. Not following the proper books will directly affect your GATE score. So, to make your work easy here, we are listing some good books for you to consider for major branches.

GATE Preparation Books for Agricultural Engineering are as follows –

  • The concept of Agricultural Engineering by Mohanty Das
  • Soil and Water Conservation by VVN Mohanty

GATE Preparation Books for Electrical Engineering are as follows –

  • Network Analysis by Van Valkern Burg
  • Fundamental of Circuits by Alexander, Sadiku
  • Power Electronics by Nagratjh Kothari
  • Solutions of Network Analysis by GK Publications

GATE Preparation Books for Chemical Engineering are as follows –

  • Principles of chemical reaction engineering by BK Dutta
  • Introduction to chemical reaction engineering by Fogler

GATE Preparation Books for Civil Engineering are as follows –

  • Highway engineering by Khanna and Justo
  • Fluid Mechanics by RK Bansal
  • RCC by Pillai and Menon
  • GATE Guide Civil Engineering 2019 by GK Publications.
  • GATE 2019 Civil Engineering by Vani Institute

GATE Preparation Books for Geology and geophysics are as follows –

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  • Complete master Guide GATE by Amresh Singh
  • Geophysics by Telford

GATE Preparation Books for Computer Science and geophysics are as follows –

  • Algorithms by Cornem
  • Operating System by Galvin
  • Software engineering by Pressman

GATE Preparation Books for Mechanical Engineering are as follows –

  • Fluid Mechanics by RK Bansal
  • Heat transfer by Cengel
  • Theory of Machine by S.S.Ratan

Though there are uncountable lists of books in the market, these were the best list of GATE 2019 books that a candidate should look upon. With correct preparation and time planning, you will surely pass out with flying colours.


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