5 Useful Tips To Get Job Referral Through LinkedIn for Freshers

Job Referral Through LinkedIn for Freshers

LinkedIn is insanely useful for every working person, not to mention for every job-seeker, fresher and student. But using LinkedIn as a job search tool isn’t always obvious to beginners or to casual LinkedIn users. So, here is a collection of 5 useful tips to get referred and hired for a desired role using your LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, some methods to find jobs through LinkedIn are also covered!

1. Identify inside connections at your “target” companies.

One of LinkedIn’s greatest strengths is the ability to help you locate key player at the companies for which you would like to work. The way to do this is to use LinkedIn’s
search or advanced search to find people at your target companies, in the field you want
to work in. The easiest way is doing it the same way as while searching for a company, through the Search bar at the top of the page.

  • Select the LinkedIn member from the suggestions in the dropdown, or click the Search icon to run the search.
  • Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, select the member’s name to view his or her profile.
  • They don’t have to carry the exact job title you’re going for, they could just be in the same department or work at these companies as recruiters.

2. Get noticed and get connected with these professionals.

There are a few ways of getting noticed by professionals at your target companies and eventually getting connected:

  • Follow these people at your target companies which you’ve identified
  • Always show your profile while visiting their profiles, don’t browse anonymously
  • Check their posts, interact with them by liking or commenting on those.
  • After some time, ask to connect with them using a personalized message, and not the default LinkedIn empty template.

Remember: Don’t ask them for a job at this point!

Most companies have some kind of employee referral bonus program. When you find out about a job opening at your target company, it should be a “WIN-WIN” for you and your company contact, if they bring your resume to the attention of the hiring manager, or the HR team assigned to fill the position.

This way you will minimize the probability of your resume disappearing among a huge list of applicants, and maximize the chances of being contacted.

3. Simultaneously, Use LinkedIn to search for recruiters in your industry and connect with them.

LinkedIn is as much a search engine as Google, but focused on finding professionals, recruiters, companies and jobs. Search and connect with recruiters, especially
with recruiters in your industry! For example if you’re in marketing, you could do a search on marketing recruiters.

  • Start your LinkedIn search with the Search bar at the top. Type your query and choose a “People” search from the options offered.
  • View these profiles and once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, Follow the same steps as while getting connected with your target company connections.
  • Since recruiters also search for candidates using keywords, it’s important to build out your Skills & Endorsements section with relevant keywords for which you want to be found.

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4. Use the LinkedIn job search tool, to identify the desired roles and locations.

You can use the LinkedIn job search tool to find the desired roles in the geographical locations you would be willing to move to, if it is required for a position. This will help you to focus your searches and get the most productive results.

This is how it’s done:

  • Type the position you are looking for into the Search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page or directly in the LinkedIn Jobs page. When the results come up, select “Jobs” located just below the search bar.
  • Next add your desired city, region or country. You may decide if you wish to add more filters to your search.
  • LinkedIn makes this really easy as there are several filters at the top of the page. You can filter the results by when the job was listed. This allows you to select jobs posted in the last 24 hours, the past week, the past month, or at any time.
  • You can filter by your target companies list using the Company filter. Make your results even more relevant by using the “experience level” filter.

5. Check the jobs posted in LinkedIn Groups.

You can join up to 100 Groups on LinkedIn at any one time. There are groups based on everything imaginable. There are many LinkedIn groups that exist to help people with their job search. To find Groups, click on the “Work” icon at the top right of your LinkedIn page, and a drop-down will offer you several options including an option for Groups.

LinkedIn groups usually have jobs relevant to their field, and some groups can be very active!


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