Infosys Off Campus Recruitment Drive : 2014 Batch : On December 2014 : Across India


About Infosys:

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions. As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow’s enterprise, Infosys enables clients in more than 30 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.Infosys provides enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data and cloud computing.

Company Name: Infosys

Company Website:

Position: Systems Engineer

Salary: 3 LPA

Location: Across India

Test Location: Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune

Batch: 2014 batch Only

Date of Drive: Will Be Informed Via Mail

Eligibility Criteria:

1. BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech in any discipline (CSE/ IT/ Electronics / ECE / EEE branches will be preferred)

2. MCA / MSc (Computer Science / Electronics / Mathematics / Physics / Statistics / IT / Information Science)

3. Consistently excellent academic track record

4. Graduates from the year 2014 only

5. Candidates should not have participated in any selection process with Infosys in the last 9 months

How To Apply:

Send the below mentioned details to

Details required –

1. Full name
2. Mobile number
3. Email address
4. Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
5. X Std Percentage
6. XII Std Percentage
7. Diploma(Percentage/GPA and Graduating State – If Applicable)
8. Graduation (Percentage/GPA, Graduating State, Year of Passing and Specialization/Branch)
9. Post Graduation(Percentage/GPA, Graduating State, Year of Passing and Specialization/Branch – If Applicable)
10.Preferred Test location (Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kolkata, Pune)

Candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria can mail the following details to

Note: Its an Official Announcement made by Infosys to conduct Off Campus Recruitment drive during the month of December and so on. Candidates need to send the above mentioned detail to

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  1. Thanks to apuzz 🙂 I got reply from Infosys

    This has reference to your application to Infosys for the position of a Systems Engineer (Trainee). You can fill in a few basic details in the attached spreadsheet and e-mail to us (as an attachment) at on or before 27-Nov-2014 mentioning “Candidate Information” in the subject line.

    If your details meet our eligibility requirements, you will receive a call letter with the date, venue and time slot for an online test process. We will also attach an application form that you can print, fill out and carry to the test venue.

    Please note that this is a time bound recruiting activity and will end in a couple of weeks.

    Team – Talent Acquisition
    Infosys Limited

    • No…Me too waiting for the same. Please let other know if there is any reply from them after sending spread sheet.

  2. if anyone gets a mail after tat spreadsheet pls let others know….v are waiting for their reply for a long time after sending those details

  3. Still no….please friends if anyone got admit card for Infosys drive please try to post here that everyone or others will know…

  4. Still no ….please friends if anyone got admit card for Infosys drive please try to post here friends so that everyone will know

  5. Friends……………i got mail from infosys,written test will be on 14th december at chennai…………………check ur inbox they send two mail one(invitation)another(application form)…………………best of luck frnds

  6. They r nt sending admit card based on ur mail date…bcz I mailson 30 n got on fFri..
    Ppl who r aattending on 13th pls share ur expr it WL b helpful fr othrs

  7. If anybody who attended drive today in Hyderabad(Vardaman College of Engg) gets mail for tomorrow’s interview, please comment here. So that, I can know whether I am qualified for interview or not.

  8. the exam was okay only….3sections….1st is like data interpretation…data sufficiency…sylogism…this was easy …..then the quants part litle bit tuff….1 question 4m alloys…1 was to find the angle…another apps question thn i is based on logical reasoning….third was verbal…2 comprehensions easy if u read it carefully…then sentence correction …fill up the blanks with correct grammar….

  9. shiva did u come to know about the online test…if so pls comment here…anyone from chennai who attended the online test got the results…??pls intimate is so that it will b very helpful

    • Hi bhuvi..can u plz tell if any cryptarithmetic puzzle was asked in exam? Which one was it addition /multiplication/division ?

  10. sure ah….yet no one didnt received mail 4m infosys ah for written…if anybody gets imedietely comment plss….

  11. did any one attended infosys off campus on 13th dec in bharat university whether the results are declared? pls let me know if any one got the result

  12. Yet no one received mail 4m infosys…pps contact ur frnds if anybody 4m any centre has come to know abt the results declaration ols post it…pls pls pls immediately let us knw…pls

  13. Anybody got results for the online test conducted on 13th dec in bharath university…I did not get any mail if anybody gets please comment here…

  14. Guys, yesterday sir told that they will mail till 8PM and Tomorrow will be interview and none of us received any mail. so it is clear that interview has been started and we are rejected.

  15. vandhana how u are tlng that we are in rejection list…no one did not get any results of selection or rejection….r any of ur frnds got any selection mail of online test results pls tel us clearly we are waiting for the results eagerly….pls comment

  16. no vandhana from all the centres still o one got the mail of selection if so they would have commented…..still the selection is in process i think

  17. no one received mail from infosys yet then how raga you received mail from infosys don’t try to fool others its serious can u show the proof you received the mail

  18. s pls dont fool others…did u got the mail 4m infosys? wen did u got?…were did u attended?…pls inform us…everybody are awaiting for the online test results…pls reply immediately pls

    • vandhana don’t fool others if you don’t know anything shut ur mouth don’t spread the fake news last warning to you

  19. Guys, on 13th in Hyd , where I had written exam declared results on the same day night around 10PM. And, we had given our interviews yesterday that is 14th. After interview we were told to leave and said interview results will maild to candidate. I suggest all of you to please call the any of the college people(you can find the any phone no. of college from internet) and enquire whether there is any infosys process happening at that college today.

    • what questions are asking in interview ………..either technical or HR…………….. pls pls pls pls pls pls pls …..tell me………….. siva

    • No one got d results frm hyderabad then how can u gt…??? can u post d mail which u received regarding results

      • I don’t know what or who made you believe that nobody(people who gave there exam in Hyd) got the results. I am very much cleared the exam on 13th and appeared for interview on 14th. I am talking about the people who attended the drive in Hyd and not for other centres. That’s the reason why I am asking you people to somehow contact your respective college of exam.

        And for people who want to know what was asked in interview .here follows:

        1. Tell me about yourself?
        Explain clearly. Confidence is the key.

        2. your area of expertise like(C, Java, DBMS, OS, etc,..)?
        I said DBMS(MySQL)

        3. Normalisation?

        4. Candidate Key, Primary Key, Constraints?

        5. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS?

        6. He asked about my travelling as I said travel is one of my hobbies.?

        7. Asked to ask any questions I had?
        Asked about training process.

        That’s it friends. My interviewer was cool and so are the questions. I think most of them are like that. I am waiting for the results. I wish u all the best.

          • Search for papers in internet. You can find many.
            1. Section : 15 Q, 25 Minutes
            Syllogism(5Q), Data Sufficiency(5Q),, Data Interpretation(5Q),

            2. Section : 10 Q, 35 Minutes
            Analytical reasoning(5Q), one question each, on these topics : time and work, profit and loss, Mixtures, Cryptology, Ages.

            3. Section : Verbal Ability : 40Q, 35 minutes…….Managing time well is very very very important
            one Big one Paragraph(5Q) try to do it lastly, 5 Questions each from 5 small paragraphs, Correction of sentences(5-10Q), Error Soptting(5-10Q)

            Thans it !!!

        • thank you very much siva……………….
          and all the best for ur interview results….hope u will be selected ………

  20. am not understanding what to believe and what not …if they announce the result then interview would be on Monday that is 15th ..becz most of my frnds got same in refferal wch is happened in October… pls try to give a clarity and exact info….. Pls pls don’t play game with others emotions!!!

  21. any one got the result of infosys online test held in Dec 13 in bharat university did they announced the results? pls let me know

  22. vandhu can u show the rejection mail of infosys they will send mails only to selected candidates not for rejected candidates don’t fool others by providing fake news

    • HRD/SE/2014-15 December 15, 2014

      Dear Vandana Jain,

      We refer to your application and the subsequent participation in the online test, as part of our selection process.

      We regret to inform you that you have not cleared the same. Hence, we are unable to take your profile forward.

      Should you wish to reapply to Infosys again, you will be eligible to do so after 9 months.

      We thank you for your interest and wish you all the best in your career.

      Thanking you,

      Yours sincerely,

      Team Talent Acquisition
      Infosys Limited

      (mujhe bakiyo ko fool bnaker kya milega ji use common sense)

  23. Hi ppl
    i too attended interview in bharath university chennai on 13th dec
    my friends attended on 14 th dec two of them got mail for their online test and they then went for technical interview yesterday still i havent got any mail

  24. no i to did not come to know about the selection r rejection mail…but divya is tlng that her frnds cleared and got through the next round….is that true….pls anyone inform correctly…all are suffering alot….

    • Guys its really eating our brains without knowing v r in r out pls inform others a propwr news if u cum to kno abt 13-14 ch selctn..nt even a single update in d GRP abt ch which u guys shared wit us

    • Guys its really eating our brains without knowing v r in r out pls inform others a propwr news if u cum to kno abt 13-14 ch selctn..nt even a single update in d GRP abt ch which u guys shared wit us pls post a update tat is true n clear

  25. i am tryng to call bharath university but am not able to contact them….all the time the no is busy…pls people 4m chenai u to cal if anybody gets the line jus ask about the results….no.04422290125 pls try …

  26. I m saying the truth peopl
    one of my friend informed me she has got mail to attend technical interview the next day(15th dec) of her online test hearing to tat i informed my other friends to check their mail and one of my other friend too got mail she checked her mail on 15th mng becoz i told her to check and she said tat she has also got the mail to attrnd on15 dec 8:30am
    when she finishd her intervw it was 2pm she called me and i asked whether the ppl frm 13 dec are thr she said s and first trchnical intervws are being conducted for the ppl who hav attended online exam on 13 dec after it got over only she had her technical intervw
    Tats wat i knw ppl

  27. hi neha ..there is a xam on 20/21 december infosys drive? how will u know this is true………….. pls pls rly me

      • achu.dnt worry.Ur situation is better than me….I was selected for the HR round my friend saw my profile in the HR’s hand and he told that I was selected.But I’ve received any mail yet…Iam frustated when I knew this info I was 200km away from chennai.So I couldn’t attend the HR round.Do you know will they reschedule HR for me?But the HR told that they will reschedule……Can anyone solve my issue?

  28. Did anyone receive rejection mail for 14th december batch at Bharat university,chennai?I was selected for Hr round but I didn’t receive any mail yet.But my name was called for HR:-((((Will they reschedule anyother day for me?

      • Hai achu….Iam sure that I have been selected.My friend who have attended the interview informed me that my profile was there after seeing my photo and mobile number and I was not there and she clarified with the HR if I was selected.the Hr told that I was selected and was the only one who was not present…..I dnt knw what to do…the tragedy is I was returning to my home town at that time and was at above 150km away….:-((((

        • Ok if so u n ur frnd wud HV received mail fr clearim wrtn exam ritu tat WS held last week in bharyh univ…post it if u can so tat even v can get confrmd tat hr is ovr fr 13-14 barath univ batch

          • K achu…I think the process is not completed….or else atleast the rejection mail would have been come for all…

  29. Guys dey r sending rejectn mail aftr week r Lil late my frnds who attended last month got rejctb mail Lil late n nt immed

  30. if any body who cleared the written test and attended the interview (@ BHARAT UNIVERSITY) got your selection mail please post it soon here *****pls**************

  31. hi nandhini….i to did not get any mail regarding selection r rejection….so can u pls give ur mail ID i want to talk with u about some clarifications….

    • No gay3 dey r nt attending I stopped callin dem…seoffcampus no reply BT few in fb GRP hs got a reply as we are valuvatin WL et back in 2weeks

  32. Finally ppl
    i hav received the rejection mail
    im very disappointed since according to me i did my online exam well:(

    • siva please tell if u know any hr’s name?I heard that the results for hr round will be announced within 2 weeks

      • @nandini ………Actually one of the guys who attended the interview in Hyderabad got rejection mail today. So i asked if there are any other such people. I did not get any mail after interview!!! I don’t know any HR name i m sorry. By the way, where is ur drive held?? did u receive any selection mail ??

  33. why the infosys recruiting only 2014 passedouts…there are so many 2013 passedouts also waiting for this opportunity..just give us one chance too..

  34. why are the not conducting the drive in Kolkata.. it took place in every other city.. does anyone knows when it is likely to take place

    • any on eget selection/rejection letter after interview on december 15,2014 in bharat university,chennai..?plz reply…

  35. hai guys,
    if anyone get selection mail from infosys after completing hr in chennai,bharat university on december 15,2014…? plz reply..

  36. Hello..
    I received an email regarding online test which is to be held on 10th Jan at Kolkata.. Is it possible to change the location to hyderabad. Please reply.

  37. HI guys…I attended the Infosys SE off campus held at DY Patil Engg College, Pune on 13-14 Dec….Did anyone got the mail after final HR interview then pls comment….

      • Hi Guyss!me too attended infosys interview on 14th december, got log in credentials on 1st january,Still dont know anytng abt selection? Is there any one like me, guide me in this……..

    • I too attended infosys interview on 14th december, got log in credentials on 1st january,Still dont know anytng abt selection? Is there any one like me, guide me in this……..

  38. Infosys Exp. Shared by one of My Frnd., Go through it …
    Might help u a bit..

    Infosys drive at Kristu Jayanti College on 11th Jan 2015 for 1-2 year Experience for Java/J2EE, Sql,.Net,testing
    Written Test: 60 min.
    Written test comprises of Reasoning and Apti. Very easy. Please go through the normal chart kind of puzzle. If you have practice of Reasoning and solving puzzle. Trust me you will easily crack.It is paper pen test. You can ask your easily neighbour if you know him/her.
    There is not even single question from English.
    There was around 400 people.88 people cleared written. On the day of written test only, they had declared the result and they had scheduled Technical interview next day i.e on 12 Jan 2013. Interview Location was Infosys Ecity phase-1.
    Technical Interview Of Java: 30 min
    As I had cleared the written so I appeared for Technical. There were two person on my panel. One lady and One men. They asked only those which I had mention on my resume. Not a single question out of my resume.
    1. Difference between final, finalize and finally.
    2. They asked me about Exception handling. Told me to write down code where we can see Null pointer exception.
    3. Code in java where we can insert input “Welcome to Infosys” and we will get output as “Infosys to Welcome”. I told them only concept behind it and told them that I not handy with syntax so I am not sure about this code.
    4. Can we make class, abstract and Interface as Final?
    5. Commit, rollback and saveback from SQL.
    6. Difference between drop and truncate.
    7. Can we rollback the db if we had already dropped it?
    8. Write a query In which A table has different column of differen datatype.
    9. Why we are using Spring framework, Flow of spring program.
    10. What is the advantages of Html and Css. Where you had used.
    11. What is multithreading? What is the use of this concept? Where you had used uptill now?

    That’s all for Technical… After 30 min I got a call for hr.
    First of all hr asked me how are you? Have you had something from morning? After all this she asked me this round is just for formality and let me know the details which you had mentioned in form is correct or not.
    She asked me about expected package and which joining location you would like to prefer?
    Why you are looking for change? What is your availability? That’s all. I wished her Thank you so much. She said All the best. Within two weeks you’ll get offer letter. Waiting for Offer letter… All the best and Do well.

    • Hi! I have got a mail from seoffcampus@infosys for the recruitment process. The last date of Submitting the excel sheet was 10 Jan . Can any one tell when will i get the mail regarding Test?

  39. Hi! I have got a mail from seoffcampus@infosys for the recruitment process. The last date of Submitting the excel sheet was 10 Jan . Can any one tell when will i get the mail regarding Test?

  40. Hey i have got a mail from seoffcampus@infosys for the recruitment. The last date for applying was 10 jan 2015 can any one tell me when will i got the mail regarding test??

  41. @divya…Did u receive any mail after getting offer letter? Regarding accommodation and medical check up? Pls reply

  42. i have the following queries regarding the online test to be conducted on January 31st 2015.

    1)my academic percentage is 67.135%.
    2)I’m a mechanical engineering student
    3)i have currently one backlog. ( i have written the examination for the same on November 2014) & awaiting the result for the same.
    with these criteria will i be qualified for the interview if i pass the online test?

    But how did i manage to get a call letter with still a backlog in my bag?

  43. I received a mail from infosys and last date for submission of excel sheet was 22nd jan.
    Do anyone have any idea abt the written test schedule. When will the test be held?

  44. My interview was done on 8th feb in st,martines college hyderabad…i got login details from infosys…is it indicate i am select or we cant decide by login details? plz reply

  45. hai my interview was done on feb 8th in st.martines engineering college hyderabad… i got login details from infosys on feb 12th … is it indicate i am selected or is there any chance to reject?


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