How To Calculate GATE Exam Score 2014

After the assessment of the answers, the raw marks gained by an applicant will be converted to a stabilized GATE Score. From 2013, the GATE score is calculated by a new formula which is given below
The GATE Score of a candidate is computed from: 

How GATE Score is Calulated


S = GATE Score (normalized) of a candidate,
M = Marks obtained by a candidate in a paper,
Mq = Qualifying marks for general category candidates in the paper,
Mt = Average Marks of top 0.1% or 10 (which ever is higher) of candidates in the paper,
St = GATE Score assigned to Mt (around 900), and
Sq = GATE Score assigned to Mq (around 300).
Mq is usually 25 marks (out of 100) or µ+s, whichever is higher. Here µ is the mean of marks in a paper and s is the standard deviation.

GATE score remains valid for up to two year from the date of issue.

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