TagMe! Machine Learning Programming Contest 2014


About The Contest:

TagMe! is a machine learning programming contest with the objective being to design algorithms for tagging/classifying a collection of images. Given a collection of images, you need to build a system that can categorize them into one of five categories: ‘Human Faces’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Buildings’, ‘Cars’, or ‘Shoes’. Your system will be evaluated based on its accuracy. This is a multi-class classification supervised learning problem, where you will have a training set consisting of images and category labels and your system has to predict the labels correctly. Exciting prizes up for grabs!

Who can participate?

Anybody with basic programming skills and elementary knowledge of machine learning. If you are new to machine learning, the following material would help you get started. The contest is particularly aimed at undergraduate/postgraduate students in India so as to spread awareness about the exciting future of Machine Learning in solving our big data problems.
The winning team will get assured internships at Microsoft India ‘Applied Research’ team in Bing Ads. So Brace Yourselves and get going!
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The Prizes

There is no fun in competing without the promise of return. So here is some motivation for you

1st Prize:
The winning team members will get internship offers from Microsoft India ‘Applied Research’ team in Bing Ads (with direct interview calls for final year students)
2nd Prize:
The winning team members will get internship offers from Indian Institute of Science + Goodies worth INR 10,000.
3rd prize:
Goodies worth INR 6,000.

Some Faqs About This Contest:

1. Who can participate in the contest?

The contest is open to everyone. However, opportunities at Microsoft may not be available to participants who are not students.

2. What programming languages can be used?

Any programming language of your choice can be used.

3. Can you suggest some links for learning Machine learning? It will be very helpful.

Please visit the Getting Started page on the event website.

4. Do I need to come to IISc to participate in the contest?

No, this is an online event; you only need to register here

5. Will we get a confirmation after registering for the event?

Yes, you will get a confirmation mail (to the primary email ID you provided during registration) within 24 hours of registering for the event. If this does not, you might have made a mistake while entering your primary email ID in the registration form – in any case, do revert back to us.

6. Will we get a participation certificate?

Yes, provided you submit the final predictions on the test data along with your code and writeup on your approach.

You cannot use these type of tools. You cannot specify the shape to be learned, by manually drawing it (or seperating foreground from background). The idea is that your algorithm has to automatically learn that.

Registration Link: Click Here To Register

Event Link: http://events.csa.iisc.ernet.in/opendays2014/events/MLEvent/index.html


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