CTS Interview Process | AMCAT | Technical & HR Round

CTS Interview / Selection Process | AMCAT | Technical & HR Round



Result: Selected

Interview Experience:

Hi Friends,

Before sharing my interview experience, I would like to thank God, My Parents and especially My Friends who enhanced my strength, speech, ways to tackle this world and so on. Patience, Hardwork, Optimism and Confidence in You and in God are the major contributors than your talents, etc. for a job. I believe this post may help you atleast in some part of your interviews.

It is the unexpected opportunity and still now I did not know that on which basis I have been called for the Technical HR. I have given my AMCAT exam for HCL Technologies and I guess based on that AMCAT score,I have been received mail for the further rounds in Thoraipakkam office.

There were 3 rounds(AMCAT, Technical HR and HR). Results were mailed to me after 20 days from my HR round.


This round plays a vital role for the process…There are 4 sections(computer programming,quantitative, logical  and verbal)…For clearing this test, R.S.AGGARWAL BOOK is more than enough…For Computer Programming, basic knowledge in  C, Database and OOPS Concepts is enough…Timing is the important cause for this round…You can go to next question only if u complete 1 question.

AMCAT Employement Test For Freshers

PART A-Computer Programming-25 Questions-25 Minutes
PART B -Quantitative Ability-25 Questions-35 Minutes
PART C -Logical Ability-24 Questions- 35 Minutes
PART D -Verbal Ability-18 Questions – 16 Minutes


In this round, there will be one HR, face to face process. Only way to clear this round SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK. Be confident and maintain eye contact. As I am from ECE, the interview is great going since there are no technical questions on programming concepts but questions were asked on Electronics. It took around 25 min…God’s grace, HR was more jolly type and we were talking like friends. Let me share the conversation…

Me: Good Morning Sir.
HR: Good Morning Suresh. Take ur seat,
Me: Thank you Sir…
HR: How do you feel now?
Me: I feel great Sir…
HR: OK Suresh tell about urself…
Me: I am Suresh Kumar from Chennai. Before introducing myself, I would like to thank my parents who left almost everything  relatives ,house, native and migrated to Chennai for my career. Then I told about my native, schooling ,college, achievements, hobbies, strength, weakness…
HR: Ok are u a batsman or bowler?
Me: All rounder…But mostly I prefer batting Sir…
HR: What is the reason for India’s poor performance in England Tests? Is Dhoni has to be blamed?
Me: Laughed and said, Definitely Dhoni should not be blamed Sir…Cricket is a team work and each player is  responsible for the results…I don’t say India performed poor, because first two matches,we were dominating and England performed well rather than saying India did not play well…
HR: Who is your choice for the next captain?
Me: Ravichandran Ashwin
HR: Why? Because he is from Tamilnadu…
Me: Laughed and said no sir…He is consistent and No.1 all-rounder in Tests…
HR: As ECE student, can u tell me how the touchphones can be made possible to use for blind people?
Me: Sir, we can make it possible by sound recognition system…i.e. if he/she touches, audio helps them to use it based on their requirements…
HR: What are the advantages of using LCD,LED TVs rather than olden days picture tube TVs?
Me: Due to its resolution, size and weight LCD’s are preferred…Moreover it does not affect our eyes and we can able to see in HD…
HR: Floppies, Disks have been replaced by Pendrives…What’s ur review about this?
Me: Sir,we have been moving towards Artificial Intelligence…Size,Cost and it makes us to read/write the data easily…
HR: Given a paper and told me to draw the schematic representation of my mini project and explain…
Me: I drew and said…Sir, I would like to say about my main project, because its my turning point in my life which made all staffs to look into our project…Shall I Sir?
HR: Go ahead…
Me: Thank u Sir…Explained technically(Note:Project is the only key if u are technically weak…have a deep knowledge about ur project)
HR: (Asked some questions based on Project)
HR: How will u adapt urself for IT field?
Me: Sir, I have been doing a course on C#.NET and ASP.NET in Sri Adithya Technologies for the past three months…We should get struck to Changes and Challenges in our life…I am more adaptable and I believe this will not be a major concern for me…
HR: What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?
Me: Sir, Confidence is that I can do it…Over confidence is that I can only do it…
HR: We had a great time…Thank u
Me: Thank u so much Sir.

Round 3: FINAL HR

It took around 10 min…There were 2 HRs..

HR 1: Tell about yourself.
Me: Same as in Tech HR.
HR 2: Why did you choose Engineering?
Me: Laughed and said, Sir actually I was willing to become a cricketer but my mother wished me to take Engineering. I believed that achieving for loved ones is always greater than achieving something.
HR 2: Ok if youu mother says you to leave CTS and go to other company,will you change your decision again?
Me: Sir, firstly my mother wont say like that, suppose if it happens I would try to convince her  because working in CTS is a great pride for me…To be frank,this is my 31st interview…I have been struggling a lot but I did not lose my hope and moved with my positive attitude…Opportunity has been given by CTS and I will not this golden chance…
HR 1, HR 2: Thank you.
Me: Thank you so much Sir.

After this round I have been sent to other HR for documents verification…

All the Best Frenzzz and don’t lose your hope and hardwork,keep moving as much as you can. Try to write AMCAT EXAM, because most of the companies are hiring through them. You will be directed to Technical HR round if you have good AMCAT score.

Thank You !

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  1. Can you please tell me whether I will get acall from CTS or not?
    My amcat scores are
    Computer prog-52

  2. According to my AMCAT score I am eligible for software engineer for IT services and my average score is above 500,Can i get a call letter from any company?

  3. I have attended the interview on sep21 in cts mettukuppam ..I was called for the interview after writing the amcat exam.I finished my technical nd hr round on that day.they told they will send the mail within one week.till now I didn’t receive any mail.What I want to do I have to wait or else how can I.know am selected or not

    • The same situation has occured for me.Recently on march 19 th i have completed my technical round and hr but still I did not recieved any mail yet.where,
      my friend who had attended along with me got a confirmation through mail two days back.did u get it by the way??

  4. can anyone tell me that after how many days amcat results are disclosed…???i have taken amcat exam from home with webcam for cognizant off campus drive on 25th march 2016 and yet not get the results…..

  5. Anyone from pune location interviewed on 29th march,2016
    I have given my amcat exam and shortlisted for interviews.I have cleared technical interview and gave my hr interview on the same day 29th march…can anyone tell me is the result out…i dint get any mail yet..

  6. Can you please tell me whether I will get acall from any MNC company or not?
    My amcat scores are
    Computer prog-92

  7. i have been selected for cts interview process based on my amcat score in the month of august but till now i was not called for interview.. Does ths usually happen? Shud I have to wait for interview…

  8. i am shortlisted for cognizant based on amcat score and they called for interview on 10th feb 2018.In the call letter they mentioned that the process is technical and hr interviews.But in some candidate experiences they wrote that there will be a GD or jam round.so which is true?

  9. I appeared for the AMCAT CTS drive on 15th July, 2018. I have given both the tr and hr round and was quiet satisfactory on the panel side. For how long should I expect to wait for the results.
    Or is it immediately announced.


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