AMCAT Exam, Syllabus And Question Paper Pattern 2018-19


AMCAT Exam Syllabus And Question Paper Pattern 2018-19 :

AMCAT provides you (especially Freshers & Engineering Graduates) many opportunities to get jobs through off campus. Candidates who could not get placed in college due to some reasons should write AMCAT. Colleges where Top MNCs like Accenture , Cognizant , HCL, Mindtree do not conduct campus drives, candidates from those colleges has the best way to get placed in such top MNCs through AMCAT. Now let’s learn about the AMCAT.

What is the AMCAT ?

AMCAT (Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Assessment) is India’s Largest Employability Assessment and is recognized by over 550 companies. AMCAT gives candidates detailed feedback on their employability (seven stroke feedback) and helps connect them to over 40,000 entry level jobs every year. 

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Scheduling The Test and Fee for AMCAT Exam :

After registration, you can schedule AMCAT test at one of the centres of your choice across India. After writing the test , you can expect the score in 6-10 days. If you do not get your result within 10 days, you must contact AMCAT through their contact us page in the website

Exam Fee for AMCAT Test : Rs 1168 (Including GST) through online payment only

Re-Attempt of Test : You can re-attempt the test if you are not happy with your score or any other reason. You need to pay again the same amount for attempting the test again.

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Syllabus & Question Paper Pattern of AMCAT : Compulsory Subjects  

AMCAT is a multi-dimensional test with the Aptitude (consisting of English, Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability) and AMPI: Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory modules being compulsory and additional skill-specific module which is required for jobs in different sectors.Befitting Job Functions/Profiles: Content Management, Quality Assurance, Banking Analyst, In house Lawyer, Designer – Fashion, Interior and Industrial, Business Analysts, Health Care, Engineers, etc.

    1. English : 
      Number of Questions: 18
      Module Duration: 16 min
      Detailed Syllabus:
      • Synonyms
      • Antonyms
      • Subject-Verb Agreement
      • Tenses and Articles
      • Prepositions and Conjunctions
      • Speech and Voices
      • Inferential and Literal Comprehension
      • Contextual Vocabulary
      • Comprehension ordering
    2. Quantitative Ability :
      Number of Questions: 25 (for Engineering Graduates) / 16 (for MBA and General Graduates)
      Module Duration: 35 min (for Engineering Graduates) / 16 min (for MBA and General Graduates)
      Detailed Syllabus:
      Basic Mathematics
      • Divisibility
      • HCF and LCM
      • Numbers, decimal fractions and power
      Applied Mathematics
      • Profit and Loss
      • Simple and Compound Interest
      • Time, Speed and Distance
      Engineering Mathematics
      • Logarithms
      • Permutation and Combinations
      • Probability
    3. Logical Ability :
      Number of Questions: 16
      Module Duration: 16 min
      Detailed Syllabus:
      Deductive Reasoning
      • Coding deductive logic
      • Directional sense, Blood relations
      • Objective Reasoning
      • Selection decision tables
      • Puzzles
      Inductive reasoning
      • Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition
      • Analogy and Classification pattern recognition
      Abductive Reasoning
      • Logical word sequence
      • Data sufficiency
    4. Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI) :
      Number of Questions: 90
      Module Duration: 20 min
      Detailed Syllabus:
      AMPI: Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory is based on the five-factor model of Personality. AMPI measures five broad based traits:
      • Extraversion
      • Conscientiousness
      • Neuroticism
      • Openness to Experience
      • Agreeableness.


  1. AMCAT Guidelines:
    • Each Module is of 900 marks.
    • Cannot Skip any question.
    • Cannot go back to the Previous Question.
    • No Negative Marking.
    • No Calculators Allowed
    • Minimum questions to be answered per module is 16 to generate a score.
    • Every Module with a separate timer and leftover time will not be credited to another module.
    • Cannot Skip any module.
    • CS/IT/EC Students need to attempt at-least one module out of C++, Java, UNIX, SQL.
    • We will prefer if students of other streams except CS/IT/EC can also attempt Computer
    • Programming though it is Optional. This will increase the visibility.

Good Score in AMCAT : 

70% and above percentile in every section is considered as good score to get calls from many companies. But scoring 90% and above percentile in English , Quant and Logical ability is the best score one must go for. There is no negative marking in the AMCAT exam paper. Candidates are expected to attempt all the questions in the module.

Sample Papers of AMCAT :

You must contact AMCAT support team. Phone number is provided at their website They will provide you the updated sample papers. By the way questions asked in AMCAT are basic in nature.

For English you need to have good knowledge of Reading Comprehension and Grammatical Knowledge. For Quantitative Ability R S Aggarwal book is enough with also solving ability on Permutation & Combination and Probability. For Logical Ability R S Aggarwal book is enough to score good marks. Most of you have already solved Quantitative and Logical Ability questions in your college time.

AMCAT Sample Papers or Previous Year Question papers:



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