Reasons Why Anna University Students Prefer Local Author Books

local vs Foriegn author booksThere are more than 500 engineering colleges which are affiliated by Anna university and lakhs of Graduates are passing out each year. When its come to exam time almost 90 % students prefer local author Books. Reason! Why? Because student find local author books are more reliable  than the foreign authors. Foreign Authors have Vast Syllabus which can be time consuming in terms of anna university syllabus But local authors have only syllabus content which every student want. Students pass percentage is also increased due to local author books like Technical Publication,lakshmi publication,A.R.Publications etc . There are many famous authors like Murali Babu,Leena Jasmine,R.L.Reka etc  helps students to get pass in their respective subjects by providing them better and good understanding concepts in simple representation.

But there are many consequences over on issues of Local Author Books Vs Foreign Author Books. Because According to Anna University Syllabus Almost 80 % text books and reference books authors are Foreigners  which create lots of problem among students at Exam Time.It doesn’t mean that foreign author books like Pearson Publication etc are not good.Yes They are best but in student point of view they have vast syllabus and its time consuming. But there is one great disadvantage with local Author Books. For Example For a Single subject like Computer Networks There are more than 3 authors available and students find very difficult to choose which local author will help them to get good marks in University Exams. Also It has found that few Answers in Local Authors Books Are Differ than the Books Followed by Anna University. Due To which Many students gets Arrear in exam.

As a student you can’t blame the authors who wrote the book or a Teacher who corrects your Paper in University Exams.I have found one more thing very interesting when you finish up your paper during exam time attempting all questions and expecting to get good grades in result but there are many students who don’t understand on what basis university allocates marks. Because when you expect bad result then you may get good. May be Its all because of Text Book problem. Because University Marks are based on prescribed authors but students follows local authors.

TIP : I want to give few tips to all my engineering students friends. Always compare the answers from Text Books which are prescribed by University Syllabus. “Study to get knowledge Because Knowledge is everything”.

PS : I have written this article to show my views on this issues. I hope you all will agree with my views. If i had made any mistake so please correct me 🙂


  1. I was glad to find this article, because i needed to hear somebody else’s views on this matter. First of all, yes – if you use local authors, you will almost certainly pass. If you just want that degree, simply use these kind of books

    However, for all their conveniences, usage of local author books are a representative of a serious problem. At the start of your article, you mentioned that “Anna University turns out lakhs of engineers each year”. How many of these people are really engineers? – When local authors didn’t exist, students were forced to use International authors and that, in effect pushed them to gathering a more complete knowledge of the subject. Due to that, being an engineer in the past was prestigious.

    In retrospect, if you’re serious about studying – use international authors. It will certainly lead to a better GPA and more complete knowledge.

  2. srespected sir, i am a 2nd year cse student in gct cbe. i get 1 arrear in 2nd sem in data structure subject. so kindly inform me which author book is very usefull to get good marks?


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