Anna University Assessment Mark Details & Attendance Report Period 2


Recently Anna university has shocked all anna university affiliated colleges when they introduced the new pattern to be follow from this year onwards. Now Internal marks will be based on Students Performance in Unit test marks and Attendance percentage.Anna University releases Internal Exam Assessment Exam Schedule for the academic year 2013 – 2014

The Second Internal Assessment Schedule – Attendance for the period of 10.8.2013 – 9.9.2013 And Unit test/Cycle test marks for 19.8.2013 – 29.8.2013 is available on anna university web portal.

Internal Assessment marks & Attendance Details in Web Portal –

Note: Due to heavy rain many colleges have not updated assessment details completely which is expected to be completed soon.

Web portal is now opened for PG Candidates 2013 Batch.

Internal marks will  be based on best of 2 subject scores in Unit test 1,unit test 2,model exam

Attendance Marks :

96% – 100% = 5 Marks
91 – 95% = 4 Marks
86 – 90% = 3 Marks
81 – 85% = 2 Marks
75 – 80% = 1 Marks

Anna university can directly monitor the student performance in test and also attendance details of all student and if they wish, they can directly give internal marks for all students.

There is no pass mark for Internal Marks. Pass Mark for Anna University Exam is 50%.

You have to get 50% in exam (Theory+practical) and you need in Theory Minimum mark of 45 to pass.

You write Anna Univ exam for 100 marks in that you need to secure minimum of 45 marks. If you get  14 marks in practical you will pass else you will fail.

Example: 100 marks will be converted for 80 marks. ie., 45 will be change to 36. Now 14 marks will be added to it. Now overall and Final Mark is 50. It is Pass Mark.

Example 2: Theory = 50/100 and internal = 8/20

50 converted to 80% = 40. Now Final Mark is 40+8 = 48 (Fail)



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