PM Scholarship For Wards of Central Armed Forces



Prime Minister has announced 5000 scholarships for the wards of exservicemen/widow of army personnel as well as para military forces including Railway Protection Force for pursuing advance education in the field of Medical Engineering/IT and other technical subjects which would be funded out of the interest income generated out of National Defence Fund. Out of the total 5000 scholarships 1000 scholarship have been allocated to Ministry of Home Affairs and Railways. On the basis of the strength of the forces, it has been decided that 910 scholarships for CPFs controlled by MHA and 90 for Railways Protection Force controlled by Ministry of Railways.

->Persons eligible for the scholarship
-> (a) Wards and widows of CPFs personnel     died in harness.
(b) Wards of ex-CPFs personnel disabled while on duty.
(c) Wards of ex-CPFs personnel in receipt of Gallantry Awards.
(d) Wards & widows of Ex-CPFs/in service personnel (Below Officer Rank i.e. upto the rank of Subedar Major/Inspector only).

Order of preference

If the number of applications for scholarship exceeds the approved number
of scholarships, the order of preference for allotment of scholarships will be
as under:-
i) Category-A Wards/Widows of CPFs personnel killed in action.
ii) Category-B Wards of ex-CPFs personnel disabled in action.
iii) Category-C Wards of ex-CPFs personnel in receipt of Gallantry Awards
iv) Category-D Wards/Widows of CPFs personnel died in harness.
v) Category-E Wards of ex-CPFs personnel disabled while in service with disability attributable to Govt. Service.
vi) Category-F Wards of ex-CPFs personnel (PBOR)
vii) Category-G Wards of in service personnel (PBOR) subject to availability of scholarship on merit basis.

Courses eligible for the Scholarship

First professional degree programme in engineering, medicine, dental,
veterinary, MBA, MCA etc. duly recognized by the respective government
regulatory bodies, such as All India Council for Technical Education,
Medical Council of India etc.

Academic requirement

At least 60% marks at the 10+2 level for the initial sanction. For renewal in
subsequent years, 50% marks each year is mandatory.

Duration of the Scholarship

Two to five years as approved by the concerned regulatory body for that

Amount of Scholarship

(i) Rs.1250/- per month for boys
(ii) Rs. 1500/- per month for girls.

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