IBM Interview Experience | Selection Process | HR & Technical Rounds

IBM Interview Experience | Selection Process | HR & Technical Rounds

Hi everyone my name is Arun Kumar and I am currently working at IBM India Private Limited as Associate System Engineer. I am going to share my interview experience with all of you. I am a 2012 batch pass out from Computer Science and Engineering background. I was unemployed for almost one and half year and gave up any hope of getting a job, missing lots of opportunities due to lack of interview preparation. So one day I received an email regarding IBM Interview for the position of Associate System Engineer and frankly I thought it as a technical support job and reluctant to attend the interview but it was one of my close friend (he was also selected) too got the call because of whom I had decided to attend it at the last moment. We both didn’t know the meaning of the profile for which we were going for the interview and just for the sake of get together we went for the interview. So I am going to explain how did I clear the interview of IBM?

On the first day, we had aptitude test which was consists of 2 parts, first one was some series questions and second one was calculation kind of questions i.e. Percentage , work-time etcetera (it was neither hard nor easy) and toughest thing was that every question had time limit of 2 minutes 15 seconds. Most of the people got out in this round itself, luckily I made it through. Then we had English round it had 22 questions with all basic English grammars and letter-writing etiquette. Most of the candidates cleared this round including me (lol). And then we were informed in the evening that we would be receiving e-mail for the interview date and place.

I received the mail on the same day at night and my interview on the next day itself. As I was very bad performer at interviews I wasn’t taking anything seriously and was just going through websites for other candidates’ experience at IBM interview.

On the interview day, we had only HR interview and with me it was somewhat technical interview too but I heard from many of the candidates that nothing technical was asked in their interview. In my interview the HR asked me about my introduction and repeated questions like why you would like to join IBM? I answered because I need job (lol). In technical he asked me about my project and this is the hardest question for me in all the interviews I had attended so far. But I know most of the candidates are comfortable with their project questions. Then he asked me a situational question that How would I respond to the client if a critical bug has been found just before delivery? I just made some arbitrary comments. I think they were just looking for confidence and communication. And in the end I was selected. Out of 1500+ candidates only 39 got selected and one of them was me. The funny part is that in one of the Accenture interview where 1500+ were selected out of 1800 and I was among the not selected candidates. So luck too plays a great role in our life.


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