Cognizant Selection Process & Interview Experience

Cognizant Selection Process & Interview Experience :

Name: Nandani

Company Name: Cognizant

Result: Selected

Interview Experience :

Hello Friends,

Before sharing my interview experience, I would like to thank God, My Parents(especially my mom),My sister and My best Friend who helped me to build confidence and enhance my communication skills.I believe this post might help you with some of your interviews.

I was shortlisted through AMCAT  off-campus drive.There were two steps (AMCAT and interview).


This round plays a vital role for the selection process…There are 4 sections(computer programming,quantitative, logical and verbal).

For clearing this test, R.S.AGGARWAL BOOK is more than enough. For Computer Programming, basic knowledge in C, Database and OOPS Concepts is enough. Timing is the crucial factor. You can go to next question only if you complete 1 question.There is no negative marking.

AMCAT Employment Test For Freshers

PART A-Computer Programming-25 Questions-25 Minutes
PART B -Quantitative Ability-25 Questions-35 Minutes
PART C -Logical Ability-24 Questions- 35 Minutes
PART D -Verbal Ability-18 Questions – 16 Minutes

I had appeared for AMCAT on April’16 and my score was

Logical Ability-74%
Computer programming-85.9%
computer science-67.9%

I had applied for cognizant many times but I was not shortlisted.Cognizant conducts mass hiring through AMCAT.
I had got interview call letter on 23rd of october’16 and my interview was held on 26th of october’16 at KOLKATA,Cognizant Bantala office.

Step 2: Interview

In this step, there were 4 face to face rounds.The rounds are
1. Technical
3.Communication and HR
4.HR and Document verification

Tips to clear these rounds:

  1. Always put a smile on your face.Once you enter wait until they have not asked you to sit. Be confident and maintain eye contact.
  2. Try to answer relevant to the question. If you dont know the exact answer,Dont give wrong answer and don’t do guess work when you are not sure about the answer.
  3. You simply say “Sorry Sir I don’t the Answer”.Learn answer of common questions like Introduce yourself,why should I hire you,questions releted to your hobbies,also
    collect data about what your home town is famous for.Technical questions will be asked from your branch paper.
  4. Like I am from CSE so I was asked Programming concepts but if you are from ECE or any other branch then your branch paper questions will be asked.
  5. Generally You should go through C,C++,Data Structure as there will be questions from these sections if you have these subject in your BTech.

Round 1:Technical

It took 15 mins.only 1 HR was there.
Me: Good Morning Sir.
HR: Good Morning. Take ur seat,
Me: Thank you Sir…
HR: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: I told my name,place from where I am,school and college name,branch and hobby.
HR: OK where are you staying now and where is your home town.
HR:Why should we hire you?
HR: Tell me about your project.what are the team member and duration of project.
Me:My project is online shopping application using technology.There were 3 member and I have done coding.Its duration was 1 month.
HR:Do you face any difficulties while doing your project?What are they and you resolve it?
Me: I faced difficulties while connecting it to mysql database.Later I resolve it as the problem occured due to version incompatibility.
HR: What programming language do you know?
HR: Which is favourite programming language?
Me: C and ASP.NET for server side
HR:Write a program to print first 10 Fibonacci series.
HR:What are your strength?
Me:Positive attitude,ability to grasp things very quickly.
HR:Give an incidence from your life when your positive attitude help you.
Me:Told.( prepare for it).
HR:What are your weakness?
Me:When I get struck with any question I keep mugging with it until I get the answer.Sometimes it takes long time.
HR: Do you have any question for me?
Me: How was my interview.(Always ask any question).
HR: U will get the answer after sometime.U can Wait outside.
Me: Thank u sir.

After sometime HR called my name for next round.
I thought it will be HR but it was Purely technical

Round 2: Technical

It took around 10 minutes

HR:What did u choose computer science engineering?
Me:I developed interest in this subject during my high school days when I had computer science as one of my subjects.
HR:Do you know data structure and algorithm?
Me:Yes sir,I have these subjects in my Btech.
HR: What is linked list?
Me: Told.
HR: Use linked list to implement a binary tree and store 7 till 1 number on it and then use inorder traversing to print 1 till 7?
Me:(This is really a tough question when asked in an interview.But I managed to explain it and he was impressed).explained.
HR : Thank you,you may go now.
Me: Thank you so much Sir.

Round 1,Round 2 and Round 3 was elimination round.

Round 3: HR

It took 8 to 10 mins.

HR:Tell me something about yourself?
HR:Tell me something about your family?
HR:Why should we hire you?

Round 4:HR

HR:Tell me something about yourself?
HR:How are you?
Me:I am fine.Thank You.
HR:How was your interview?
Me:It was good.
HR:Have you done any training?
Me:Yes,Told in what technology,duration and when.
HR:R u ready to relocate?
HR:R u comfortable in working in shifts?
HR:Gave me a sheet of paper and ask me to read last line and if agree then sign on it.
Me:(I was so happy and hardly read those lines) I signed on it.
HR:wait for the orientation session.
Me:thank you.

There were around 300 to 350 candidates out of which around 20 were selected and I was one of them.

After waiting many days I got my offer letter on 15th of November’16 and joining letter on 16th of November’16 with joining date on 17th of November’16 (which is coincidentally also my birth day)at Kolkata. Now I am working for Cognizant. Thanks for reading my experience. One day u will have your own success story..
Just stay focused and confident. All the best for your bright future.

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