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Capgemini Interview Experience : Freshers Software Engineer

Capgemini Interview comprises 3 rounds. First round is Aptitude and Essay Writing followed by Technical Round and at the end HR Interview.

  1. Aptitude & Essay Writing Round

Aptitude (16 Quantitative + 16 Logical Reasoning). The duration for aptitude test was 50 minutes and as you finish this section, you will get new window for essay writing
The question was asked in Quantitative section was very easy, You just need to focus more and more on Average, Alligation & Mixture, Percentage, Profit and Loss, and in Logical Reasoning Syllogism is very important, at least you will get 3 to 4 questions particularly from this topic, then pie chart and coding-decoding.

At the time of writing essay, be careful about following things:

1- Space after full stop and comma.
2- First letter should be capital after full stop.
3- Try to cover the minimum no of words given to write.
4- And your introduction, content and conclusion should be in different paragraph.

2. Technical Interview Round:

The interviewer was really very frank. They basically check the confidence and basic knowledge of the core subjects and projects mentioned in the CV.

General question they asked like, Tell me the concept of Fibonacci Series and write the program for that. He was also doing cross questioning like, if I don’t want to write return 0 or int or void or if I don’t put the Semicolon, will it effect to the program.

Total, he asked me 5 questions from programming part only, and he made me write all 5 program.

Just learn the basic concept of C programming and Java and know how to answer confidently.

3. HR Round: 

Prepare the Resume very well and all basic HR questions.

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