Wipro Mega Off Campus Drive 2015 | 2015 Engineering Batches | Across India


About The Company :

Wipro Ltd (NYSE:WIT) is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 156,866 employees serving clients in 175 cities across 6 continents. The company posted revenues of $7.3 billion for the financial year ended Mar 31, 2014.

Wipro is globally recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. Wipro champions optimized utilization of natural resources, capital and talent. Today we are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions.

Company Name: Wipro Technologies Limited

Company Website: www.wipro.com

Opportunity for 2015 Engineering Graduates with good programming skills who didn’t get their dream job…. CAN BE A WIPRO HIRE NOW.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • 2015 Engineering Graduates
  • Only for Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT), Information Science (IS) and Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • 60% in 12th
  • 65% in engineering
  • No backlogs/arrears as on date of the test

Selection Process :

Student’s Online Registration > Online Test on Coding, Aptitude, etc. at various test centers > Personal interviews within 2 weeks at various venues across the country or in the nearest Metro / City

Pick Your Nearest Centers (with respect to Zone) :


Gwalior ITM Gwalior 24th July click here
Indore Acropolis 25th 26th July click here
Nagpur Raisoni Group 1st 2nd Aug click here


Bhubaneswar KIIT University 31st July, 1st Aug click here
Kolkata Heritage Institute 25th 26th July click here
Ranchi BIT Mesra 25th Aug click here
Raipur NIT Raipur 1st and 2nd August click here


Chandigarh Chandigarh Univ 1st 2nd Aug click here
Kanpur PSIT 1st 2nd Aug click here
Noida Galgotia 25th 26th July click here


Hyderabad Sreenidhi 1st 2nd Aug click here
Vizag Gayatri 25th and 26th July click here


Bangalore SJBIT 1st 2nd Aug click here
Mangalore SIT 25th 26th July click here


Chennai Jeppiar 1st 2nd Aug click here
Coimbatore Karpagam 25th 26th July click here


Kochi Rajagiri 1st 2nd Aug click here


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  1. I applied for chandigarh but now i came to know that noida is also a center. Is there any option to switch center?
    Please revert asap

  2. I had applied for 1 Aug drive at CGC Chandigarh when PSIT Kanpur was not a centre. Now when I try to apply for the drive at PSIT, it shows a message that candidate information already exists. What should I do?

  3. I am unable to download the Boarding pass even after I have filled up the CAM form. Anyone else was able to donwload the pass?

  4. i am unable to register for noida test center as it is showing invalid address or server not found. please help me out guys.

  5. Comment:I applied for 25th and 26th July interview. But still I didn’t get my boarding pass. may I when ‘ ll the come boarding pass come?

  6. I didn’t get my Boarding pass even after I have filled up the CAM form. It shows “Boarding pass deatails not available”.Anyone else got their pass?.If suppose anyone got your pass tell me what to do to get my pass.

  7. Sir please tell us about the boarding pass.
    tommorow is the written exam and yet i am not having my boarding pass

  8. i am unable to download my boarding pass
    25 th off camps drive
    helpp me
    and eligibility criteria
    i had backlog on my first sem and i cleared it on second sem
    i hav 7.5 cgpa
    can i attend? ?

  9. on boarding pass timing is 8:30 and received an email from wipro with 1:30 pm on the same date for greater noida centre.
    what to follow??

  10. I fill all the mandatory part , but there was an email comes on my mail to fill the CAM form completely,
    tell me what problem is going with me.

  11. hii guys. i have uploaded the cam form succesfully today at 6 am for NOIDA .
    can i expect boarding pass for tomorrow drive.

  12. What is event date for kanpur location? 1-2 Aug or 25-26 July ?? Bcoz in official wipro site it shows 25 – 26 July .I applied for 25 -26 July for kanpur location but still I didn’t get my boarding pass. Plz help me.

  13. by mistake i registered for the off campus in chandigarh whereas i wanted to register for indore drive.what shud i do nw cuz wen i try to register for the indore campus den i get d msg “this info already exists”

  14. i am not able to download my boarding pass. my registration is sucess. when is the last date for registration please help me.

  15. friends can you post the questions asked in wipro online test , pls friends post the questions dat were askd to u .

  16. will they conduct any online coding contest during the online test.what might be the pattern of online test?anybody who attended the online test pls share your experience over there

  17. I am able to run only one program i don’t know i am getting sortlisting mail for next round or not .
    If Any one got the shortlisting mail execute a quick reply here.

  18. Guys did any one get a mail saying that your form is incomplete.i had checked it thoroughly and submitted.niw form is not open for editing and deadline is tomorrow 12pm. Kindly help

  19. I have problem in uploading my CAM form.. I am trying it for a week.. my interview date is aug 1 &2 but it keeps on loading.. Can any 1 suggest me wat should i do?

  20. hi guys help me in clearing wipro ., wat were the ques asked especially wat programs were asked .
    pls friends help me in preparing for wipro

  21. i am unable to register for the test being conducted in kanpur..
    dates of test in kanpur is 1 n 2 aug or 25 n 26 july
    plz do confirm

  22. I am trying to register for hyderabad but it is not getting registered. it showing that data is available can i directly attend the drive without registration on 1st august

  23. who have attended wipro off campus on 24,25,26 pls share your experience and what is the process. first round is gd or test?..are they conduct the interviews on the same day itself

  24. Plzz share ur experience frnds…. rounds they conducted , Exam pattern n coding test sample questions…. plzz guys itss a request

  25. even after filling the cam form, i could’int get my form validated…. what to do??? my drive is on aug 1st.. will i be able to get the boarding pass????? @ apuzz.com

  26. i applied today,,for walkin,,,,there will be no prblm na,,what is the last date to apply ?

    plss friends can u tell,,,,

  27. Guys….i have applied for Hyderabad off campus drive for Aug 1&2…I’m unable to download my boarding pass …what was the last date to register for this drive??? Can anyone help me with this…..

  28. I had filled cam Form 3-4 times. Every time i got same mail that your cam form is incomplete. whats the matter? my drive is on 2 aug

  29. I had filled cam form 3-4 times and successfully submitted it. Every time i got mail that your cam form is incomplete. whats the matter?

  30. Can some 1 pls tell me if other departments like EEE or EIE is eligible for the interview process.. Pls rply soon

  31. I have filled the cam form 3-4 times and sucessfully submitted it. but every time i got mail that your cam form is incomplete. whats the matter?

  32. Dudes….just chill,guys who don’t have less than 60 in 12th& 65 in graduation,don’t apply….it’s waste of time,I have got a regret mailer from Wipro saying that ur profile doesn’t meet our requirements….i have got 65% in graduation but only 57% in 10+2 …tough luck,damnnnnnn,feeling frustrated

  33. i have applied for nagpur drive and yet to get my boarding pass ,..??
    is der any1 wid d sem problem … plzzz lemme kno ? ..

  34. Hai… What is the first round? GD or online test? In selection process they mentioned only online test on coding and aptitudes… But My Frd said that wipro’s first round is GD… I have confused.. So plz reply what is the first round?

  35. hello,my interview is scheduled on 1st August.how many rounds will be conducted tomorrow?only online test or the complete interview?please reply soon

  36. in email i have received some other venue where as in boarding pass der z a different venue mentioned …which 1 should i follow…??/? plzzz revert me soon ……

  37. I have registered and I got my boarding pass.. Problem s 1st tym I opened its event date was august 1st. Today I opened my login its show the date 2nd august. Which one I should prefer.. Help me plz.

  38. I clear the 4 modules and programming module appears..i did not code the 2 programmes correctly not even partially is there any chance to get an interview call

    • Even i have the same doubt. I not even coded single program partially. Is it mandatory to code two programs correctly for shortlisting to interview procedure or every one how attempted 5th module is eligible??
      pls reply guys…

  39. Even i have same doubt… Is it mandatory to code two programs to get shortlisted for interview procedure or every one who attempted 5th module are eligible ?? pls reply soon guys…

  40. do anyone know when the results for written test will be released? also if anyone got the call for furthur process please reply here

    • Candidates who cleared first four sections are directed to coding section.
      If you dont clear 4 sections ur chances ends there itself.

  41. yes i too got it.on 17th and yes i had attended both questions in my coding round.but 1 was partially subnitted

  42. Those who got selected pls mention ur location.
    Any1 from hyderabad got mail?
    and pls share what is ur nxt round is it pi or something else.
    Thanks in advance.

  43. Anybody from hyderabad got mail?
    Please respond.
    Out of those who got mail is there anyone who did not do their coding test well??
    Please reply guys dnt ignore as u got mail.
    Thanks in advance

  44. I missed my interview scheduled today at Greater Noida. Can I give the interview tomorrow???
    Is there anyone who is having interview on 8th at Greater Noida???

    • Ankit can u plz tell us something about about your interview session.
      What they asked? Did they something about project.

      • it was vry easy… basic questions from c n java wer asked.. jus b confident abt what u say.. u can get through easily 😉

    • Ankit can u plz tell us something about about your interview session.
      What they asked? Did they ask something about project.?

  45. basic questions where askd guys be cool nd confident questions on ur arear of intrsrt only wil be askd bt i dono y i was nt forwarded to hr round even though u did well

  46. Yesterday i had the interview.I was asked from unix,java,c,dbms.Then i got selected for HR round.HR was just for 5 mins. HR asked me some basic questions like Tell me about yourself and what do you know about wipro.And then she told me to check my mail from 16 onwards.If i got selected i will receive mail from wipro

  47. My interview was on Kolkata. My technical round was quite good. Whn I asked the interviewer that how was my interview he told me that it was good. But they didn’t forwarded me to the hr round..is there any chances for me to get selected???

  48. do we have to take the same boarding pass with us for the intwerview which we were issued for test? or we will get another

  49. Yes you all have to carry the same boarding pass that was previously signed at the day of online test. I was asked about Normalization,commit from DBMS. Class,object,pointers from java and c.I was asked to write down a program of string palindrome. Then i was akdes about kernel and shell and few commands from unix.

  50. They told us that the result would be announced within seven days.. And all process would be done by that tym..what they told you guys about the result

  51. I did the technical round very well..n my tech hr said me that am gonna go home wit a offer letter .. she was very much impressed wit my technical skills n treated me lik as i got placed in wipro.. bt after that i was interviewed by final hr for about 20 mins and he said me though am having all the skills am not knowing how to impress an interviewer.. after this am very confused.. whether the tech hr has the authority to select candidates or only the final would end up with an decision .. pls let me know guys

      • most of the ques were frm my area of interest and project in tr.. ques lik what is object ..encapsulation n its uses.. inheritance n its uses.. how to call a fun which has same name in different classes having same arguments n diff arguments .. while am explaining about it in c++ .. she said me u can call using super keyword right.. i said super keyword is used in java.. n explained procedure to call iun java .. she said that she raised that ques just to check my confidence .. n in sql indexes n aggregate functions

      • hr asked ques lik tell me abot urself.. tell me about any two trending technologies.. about ur project .. y u took that project .. who and all helped u in completing it.. what stream u took in 12 th .. me took bio.. so he asked then y cse now.. in which area u want to work.. i said development .. bt he advised me that i shud b flexible to work in any field.. also questions lik why u want to work as a developer.. y shud i hire u.. howcmany interviews u attended.. y u got rejected in all those.. will u relocate.. how u ll communicate with others if i giv u a job in orrisa where people knows oly to speak oriya and nothing else.. do u know where n all wipro has branches in india..

  52. my technical hr said me that am gonna get a offer letter.. and treated me lik as i got placed in wipro.. bt after that i was interviewed by final hr for about 20 mins n he said me… that am not knowing to impress an interviewer though having all other skills.. now am in grt confusion .. whether the tech hr has the authority to select candidates or oly final hr will end up with a decision.. any1 let me know

    • Dont worry…You will be placed in Wipro.
      They selects a candidate according to their overall score (i mean All rounds OnlineTest+TechRound+Hr)
      Best Of Luck

    • I was one of the last one on interview. After me 2 or 3 students was called for tr. And that time they didn’t called anyone for hr on that day ,if anyone referred to hr that will be on next day. And some 2or 3 students like me also was confused about their tr because they told me that they did well .

  53. they started taking our batch at 4 pm.. It was easy… in technical he asked me to write down a program to print hello without using semi colon.. thn pointers objects null pointers basic ques from c and oops.. Hr last for abt 20 min.. she asked me to gv my introduction. Family details n education details.. thn why i wanna join wipro.. what motivates me.. she asked she will speak sm words n i hv to answer thm whatever comes in my mind..rapid fire type..

  54. Hey guys, kisi ko kuch idea hai kya HR interview ke result ka ? kisi ko mail aaya regarding this. Itna late kyun kar rahe h yeh log.

  55. when was your interview guyzzz and at which location?
    This question is only for those who have resume status as “to offer”.

  56. how many of you have yr tech. interview at Grater Noida , wipro office
    my friend also interviewed there both tech HR now tdy he got mail regarding HR interview on 19
    I think rest are not selected.
    I m nt sure.

  57. Those who had both tech n hr interview on 8 aug at grtr noida, anyone has got any email or any change in resume status??

  58. i have both my technical and HR interview on 8th… i haven’t got any mail yet and my resume status is “to screen”

  59. no my resume status is null at screening option.
    hay please inform us if anyone got selection mail
    or if possible I think only some student sortlisted for next round
    please have hope for good.

  60. my resume status is -to offer.. i was interviewed at hyd on 8th… but that doesnt mean anything.. results will be declared mostly in a couple of days.. evrybody will get a mail, even if u r not selected u will get a regret mail..
    so have patience and just hope for best 🙂

  61. My tech n hr interview was on 8th aug at kolkata. My resume status is null. Does that mean i am not selected.

  62. @komal
    hay some students said there resume status is -to offer ,hv they got any official mail from wipro regarding that are those student get selected?

  63. hay got mail regarding further HR round on 20 Aug , pta ni kitni bar HR lenge
    I hv done with my tech , HR on 8 Aug now re HR interview BHAI what is going onnnnnn.

  64. Just wt fr the ml…i hv atnded tr hr…bt my process was completed upto to screen and resume status is reject…I don’t know why…confuse

  65. I chkd it fst tm and it is reject. And one of my friend he was already rejected from codding but his status is no screen….
    ….ha ha ha
    I think no screen means they didn’t seen som1 resume…so how it is psble to take part on their process…ha ha ha

  66. My hr interview was pending for greater noida location.. got one mail yesterday saying hr is scheduled on 19th and another mail today saying hr interview scheduled on 20th.. which one to follow?

  67. My hr interview wz pending for greater noida location, yesterday i recieved mail sayng dat hr interview is scheduled on 19th, today recieved another mail sayng hr interview scheduled on 20th.. which one to follow??

  68. @sam
    you have not attended HR drive after technical interview pending meant??
    Have HR said u that u will receive further info regarding HR interview??

  69. So that means those candidates whose resume status is to offer are selected. Then why should we wait for the mail? We now know the result.

  70. Anyone who was interviewed at Greater Noida on 7 August , has got some change in their resume status like “to offer”?

  71. Can anyone please tell me how to check the resume status? As I am unable to get the link. Please send me the link. And has anyone got the selection mail of the interview in Kolkata?

  72. BHAI kisi ko pta hai Grater Noida walo ka result kB aayega
    ab to bahut ho gya salo ka intrvw hi khtm ni ho RHA!!!!!???

  73. i guess dey have cancelled the drive :/ no result yet :/ dis is pissing me off… I heard oly doj k liye dey take much tym, hadh hue ye toh result k liye b ? i gave my interview on 8th :/

  74. I spoke to the head office no. Bangalore the no. Mentioned in mail , a lady picked up the phone and said that actual result was to be announced on 19th but due to a lot of people, result is being delayed for another 7 working days. So guys wait for some more days , result will be positive all the best to all

    • Hiii Wikipedia, do u know anything abt the resume status?? I mean is it really true?? Some one got status as to offer , DAT means dey got selected??

  75. I had given my Technical and HR interviews in the Greater Noida office on 7th Aug. They told me that I would get a mail in case I got selected. Few days back I got a mail saying that I had cleared the TR and that my HR interview was scheduled for 19th Aug. One or two days later I got the same mail, only this time the date of my HR interview was given to be 20th Aug. I tried to clarify the scenario by calling WIPRO Greater Noida as well as their head office in Bangalore on 18th.
    They told me that the results would be declared in the next two weeks, although they themselves sounded a little uncertain.

  76. Yolo all,

    We all are waiting for the offer!….
    Once the offer is out, we shall be into the same company. Waiting to be a part of innovative team.
    If anyone knows the dates of result, please boldo! 🙂 …
    Any news regarding the same is also appreciated! 🙂

  77. even i got mail regarding selection my offer status was also to offer nd congrats @tej even im frm hyd will.meet u at wipro @tej

  78. hey @tej even i got my selection mail nd im frm hyd lets meet at wipro @tej 😉 even my offer status was to offer

  79. My resume status is still “null” below null “to screen” is written. What does it mean?
    Whether selected or not?
    Please tell me..

  80. I got my Selection mail. I attended the selection process in Chennai on Aug 8. My resume status is to offer. All the best 🙂

  81. I am from Kolkata. Attended tge HR interview on 16th. Have not recieved any mail yet. If anyone from kolkata gets a mail kindly let me know. Thank you & all the best and congratulations to the selected candidates.

  82. Congrats
    Tez , bru, rene, nirmal , aayush for getting through.

    Could you all tell me what were your hr questions as i am still pending with my hr.

    • My HR was really easy. He asked me to tell me about myself and asked me to justify my strengths. He asked me about my previous placements, if any, and after that he said he was done with my interview.
      Some candidates were asked about their project and their contribution in the project. Be prepared about everything that you have mentioned on your resume. It really depends upon your interviewer, some are cool and some are tough. Be confident and you will get through it. Good luck 🙂

  83. i still not yet received any mail from wipro,am from bangalore.
    My resume status is still showing null…..
    do i want to forget Wipro 🙁 ?

  84. Comment: I got selected too, I attended the interview at Bangalore. does anybody know exactly what the profile offered is?

  85. I would request everybody (Selected people) to drop your facebook email id so tht i would be able to add you guys 🙂

  86. Hey Folks!
    I have created a group named as “WIPRO_2015” and cover pic is of Super man(Man of steel)
    send a request everyone selected 🙂
    see you 🙂

  87. Guys who r selected congrats..i just wanted to know that the selection mail that is been send to u..r u required to visit the wipro office after getting the selection mail??n has anyone got any rejection mail??

  88. Hey the guys who r selected have you been asked to visit the wipro office again after getting the selection mail??n has anyone got rejection mail?

  89. Anyone who’s technical interview and hr interview was on 9th.
    I’m from Hyderabad.
    Waiting for the letter.

  90. I think we should fill the bgv form after getting offer letter. I think we should follow their instructions and they didn’t mention anything about the bgv form in the selection mail we shouldn’t do that unless we r told.

  91. Please reply to @komal.
    That’s a useful question.
    Anyone rejected?… And if yes, how are you notified about your rejection.

    • mine was also evening batch.. bt i didnt get any mail yet.. n my status is also null.. whats ur status now? its 1:30 batch na.. for which interview started at 4 pm??

  92. hello guys…

    can u post here the questions of programming round asked in wipro.It will b helpful for many students in future.
    I hope u guys make ur contribution to help such students who can’t made this tym..

  93. My Resume Status has changed from null to – “TO OFFER” after giving the HR Round in Greater Noida campus.
    Anyone has any idea what does this means??
    Need help guys.

  94. Greater noida guys call on this toll free number 1800-103-4678 and ask for the result. It’s completely toll free and reliable source

  95. i have received letter of intent just know…….in that they have state to accept LOI,but i am not having any link in that mail. have any body got LOI and tell me the procedure to accept the offer………

  96. Anyone from greater noida jiska resume status abhi bhi null show krra?? I called the company in gr.noida directly and they r saying all results are out but my status is still null what to do?

    • mine is also null wat to do.. anyone who was interviewed at some other place than noida still has resume status null? or all have got a selection or a rejection notification via mail or synergy?

  97. Upon logging into synergy, there is no bgv form available, what to do?
    My resume status is to offer and even i got the selection mail.

  98. my interview was on 7th august in bangalore, still i have not come up with any mail and my resume status is showing null. Does it make any sense in waiting further…….?

  99. @A: My resume status is to offer. My interview was on 8th august in greater noida and i haven’t recieved any mail yet. Greater noida waale candidates ko bhul gaye h shayad

  100. Guys my written test was on 25th July greater noida and both of my programs worked correctly, next I was interviewed on 8th aug morning batch first my technical interview went good I cleared that , next on the same day I was interviewed by hr interviewer and she was so happy with the interview that she told me that she will see me at Wipro also said that the interview was very well, on 18th they send me another mail for hr interview and on the next day told me to ignore the previous Mail as I was already done with my hr on 8th. Now my status is still null at Wipro candidate resume status but I got a rejection mail .. Y is it so , although everything went so smooth and well.

    • Hey. Almost the same case with me as well. Only that my tr and hr were on 7th. The hr was kind enough to complement me after my interview, saying that I did very well. I have been anxiously waiting for the results but no mail from them as of now. My resume status is also null. Let’s wait for some more days.

  101. who got rejected hv their resume status is null.
    yr what abt those who didn’t get any mail. Is process for result is still onnnnn.

  102. Did anyone from Kolkata interview got any mail??
    I haven’t received any mail selection or rejection. Till when will the entire process of selection be over, any idea guyss??

  103. Any1 from greater noida who had their both interview on same day I.e. On 8th still received mail for hr interview again?

    • Yes, I got mail on 18th aug bt then next day wipro mailed me to ignore it in case I was done wid hr interview. Wen did u get dis mail Nandita?

      • Same day @A
        Got any other mail after this stuff?? And then did u attendee the interview again? What is ur resume status

        • @ Nandita, I too attended d interview at grt noida on 8th aug. My resume status is to offer bt I hv not got any mail

  104. hay my resume status also changes to offer after his many day I receive my confirmation mail ???
    Anyone knows ??

  105. hay my resume status also changes to offer after how many day I receive my confirmation mail ???
    Anyone knows ??

  106. mera bi same hai BT when there is blue color till offer option then some possibility arises abhi we r under screening process.
    Hope for the best.

  107. hi..
    if anyone attended HR interview at Noida center (written & technical in chandigarh)…
    please inform me when result will be out ??

  108. Waiting for the result.
    Hyderabad – 9 th Aug!
    Resume status null.
    No mail.
    Anyone belonging to same or similar category!

  109. guys my resume status is to offer and bgv form activated BT I didn’t receive any mail yet any one know after how many day I get mail regarding recruitment.

    • Ashish when did the bgv form appear in ur account? N wat is the colour of ur to screen icon? My status is also to offer bt bgv form is not visible n no mail..

  110. Guys my resume status is to offer and bgv form also got activated on 28th morning as I have given my HR on 26th in Greater Noida but still I didn’t got any mail.

  111. @A everything is same as yours but my BGV is activated but didn’t get any mail from wipro regarding recruitment.

  112. my status is also ‘to offer’ but i haven’t received any mails and i think my bgv form is also not visible.can any1 pls tell where to find the bgv form. i m not getting.

    • Mansi bgv form will appear as a 4th tab in ur candidate desktop automatically wen status is to offer. But it is visible for some n not for others….

  113. those who are selected can i just know in which color it is written ‘to offer’?blue or orange??plss rply

  114. in the resume status it is given that process is under progress in orange colour . what does it mean . if the results are still awaited or not . plz reply

  115. @mansi no you will get two extra tab on Synergy Portal candidate detail and offer stack
    Candidate detail stands for BGV form.

    by the way my status is to offer under screening orange color .
    vanue Grater Noida

  116. guys candidate detail disappear from Synergy Portal , only offer stack option listed on Portal
    Is we have to fill that BGV form in 24 hrs
    please help me out.

  117. guys candidate detail disappear from Synergy Portal , only offer stack option listed on Portal
    Is we have to fill that BGV form in 24 hrs
    please help me out.

  118. guys candidate detail disappear from Synergy Portal , only offer stack option listed on Portal
    Is we have to fill that BGV form in 24 hrs
    please help me out.

  119. @ ashish i m not getting any extra tabs. and also not got any mails regarding selection. Are there any results still awaiting??shud i loose all hopes??:(

    • Don’t loose hope..
      They will send you mail regarding Selection/Rejection..
      And never give up..
      Best Of Luck Bro..

  120. Many of them have got their results ..n I dnt think so that the results are awaiting.. Unhe jitne logo ko recruit krna ta ..they have done.. Ab no one will get any mails..

  121. yes they are really making fool of us..atleast they shud have bothred to send a mail either selection or rejection

  122. Anyone who attended TR and HR interviews on 7th august at greater Noida wipro office.Did anyone of them got any mail?

  123. @paurush u will get Selection mail within 5- 9 days wait for the mail my friend don’t get tensed u r selected thts why resume status got changed

  124. same case as others…. interviewed on 26th aug @ greater noida… resume status is “to offer”.. no mail… no bgv… something not cool…!!

  125. hey guys…anyone from banglore having interview on 16th august got any mail regarding selection or rejection from wipro????

  126. My resume stts has changed to ‘to offer’ on 28 Aug but I haven’t received any mails ..has any1 cald at Wipro office regarding d results declaration??

  127. Plzz any1 col at wipro office..i have tried callng but nobody picked my cols..we need to cnfrm that how much tym wil it take to send us mails

  128. Anyone from Kol got any mail?
    My status changed to “to offer” few days back, but no mail was sent.. what does that mean?

  129. What another week , I think they are working on lottery system.. The lucky ones got to offers while others are still null

  130. anybody of u whose resume status has changed from null to – “to offfer”. have u got any mail from wipro ?

  131. no yr my resume stts is also ‘to offer’ but havent received mails yet..how much more tym will dey take..wat r dey doing…

  132. hay guys anyone call wipro regarding selection mail , they r not receiving the call any one know when we get our intimation mail??

  133. Fellow candidates, I would like to share an information with you. Around a week ego my resume status was changed to “To offer” but today when I checked, it is showing null once again.
    My interview was on 16th August at kolkata…
    I feel wipro has already hired required candidates from other location. There is no hope left.

  134. @jayati I want to inform you after getting selection mail many students resume status revert back to null , don’t know Wipro’s strategy??

  135. What is happening , i was happy that my resume status changed to offer , but today it shows null once again , now i have no hope that i willbe the part of wipro

  136. I think that those who had resume status as to offer and with no mail, they are rejected now, because those who are selected has resume status as to offer and also they have got the mail, so its better to not wait for results further more.

  137. My status also changed to null. They should hv send us rejection mail weeks bak instead of making us wait like fools:|. Wasted 2 months for dis company

  138. My Resume status also revert Back from “To offer” to “Null” …and didnt get any email. Dont know whats going on.

    • I didn’t understand what is revert back to “Null”? How many tabs are visible for you? As my understanding there are four tabs visible in synergy site. One is CAM Form, second one is Boarding pass, third one is Candidate upload document, and fourth one is Offer stack. My I know which tab you are talking? In Offer stack we use to get the message like “Please update your resume”. So you are talking the same one?!

  139. I chkd d wipro grp on fb, now everyone frm grt noida centre has resume status null, even those who got selection mail. May b they r doing sum updating. There is no need to worry, wait for a few days

  140. I chkd d wipro grp on fb, now many frm grt noida centre has resume status null, even those who got selection mail. May b they r doing sum updating. There is no need to worry, wait for a few days

  141. I recieved neither selection mail nor rejection mail. After this change in status I’m not feeling hopeful at all

  142. i think its all waste of time to daily open and check the status…..

    even they are not sending any rejection mails also….

    one of the person who is working in wipro told that mail will definitely will come either selection or rejection but it may take lot of time .some times it may come after 6 mnths also

  143. Guys.. Mine 2 resume status chngd fr to offer to null.. I hd not rcvd ny mail.. N I didn’t know abt d bgv form.. So didn’t know if I hd to fill it up.. Does it mean.. I lost d chnc.. Coz I didn’t fill d form??

  144. I hv mailed them that reply wait till further communication , salo ne itna reply kia to AK rejection/Selection ka mail bi bhej dete BHAI pta ni kya hone wala hai!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Guys I called the helpline no. today, they said wait till 15th sept you will get the conformation mail by then.

  146. Hey.. I hv sm1 working in wipro.. He told dat ds thng z common problem in wipro.. Ds thng happens aftr placement also.. So dnt wry.. Jst wait..

  147. Is it necessary to reply for the LOI mail..? I wasn’t aware if the fact that we have to accept it by replying to the mail….I haven’t received offer letter yet…did anyone get offer letter..? Plz reply

  148. I got LOI on 28th Aug and I replied to mail on 11th sep….is it on..? Anyone got anymails after LOI….kindly share

  149. Guys..I got my selection mail today.. I hd kolkata centre.. So dnt wry.. Those u had resume status to offer ll get ur selection mail.. But I hv not got LOI.. whr did u get dat bharat?

      • Don’t be a North Indian.
        You are a foolish person.
        North Indians are much more humble.
        Not timid and regional like you.

        India is ONE.
        You are NONE.

        • Oohhoo Indian… Lolz… What you did for India … Nothing. Even you will try to hide your incapabilities by questioning you. Well don’t worry i know why you are here coz u r just a frustrated fresher out of college who is totally failed to proof. I am Nigerian anything else. 😉
          Find a job baby….

  150. I am waiting for Offer letter. So far I received Selection email and LOI. Any idea when can expect the offer letter.

  151. I hv got my selection mail frm 2days.. But no letter of intent.. They hv mentioned offer letter and LOI ll come in 2 weeks.. How u people got it at a time??

    • No one..and how many tabs you have right now at synergy site once you logged in..for us two tabs only like how we have initial days like cam form and Boarding pass, they removed tabs of Candidate upload document and Offer stack

    • me to from Hyderabad on Aug 9th ..so far received Selection email and LOI..waiting for Offer letter…hope that you are also in same

    • Nooopes…rpy was wait 4 further communication from our side 🙁 what’s wrong with Wipro yrr..atleast they should mail us the result na

  152. i too got appointment letter….there was no joining date..what should we do next…Does any body now what do to next…I am from hyd my interview was on 9 aug

  153. i too got appointment letter….there was no joining date..what should we do next…Does any body now what to do
    next…I am from hyd my interview was on 9 aug

  154. In that appointment letter they mentioned about the “online project campus”. Anybody have any idea of whether we have to complete any modules that decides our joining date? If we have to complete any such modules, then where and how we have to do so? Please share if anyone have any idea about this.

  155. Post he.. Project engineer.. N ya.. Joining letter Wil come 3 weeks before the joining date.. So hv patience to wait for that endlessly.

    • Even I don’t know exactly but let me explain what I heard from on campus selected guy. For them Wipro has given some around 22 days online course modules. The selected people has to go through that online course and give up the tests whatever they conducted. Its like evaluation of candidate performance on given topics before joining. I think its like how TechMahendra and iGate people are conducting the course and tests before joining.

  156. I have got my appointment letter. Nly ctc n other benefits are mentioned. But nothng else.. Wat m I supposed to do nw?

  157. @ramana how to accept loi in synergy site because when i got logged in i only find upload candidate form and boarding pass……have u accepted it ???? please provide procedure

  158. yesterday evening i logged in to the synergy site.there i found new loi acceptance. on clicking that tab i found my details , below that its stated “NOT APPLICABLE” is any one facing similar problem

    • hey @aish ,
      sem iz d case with me yarr..
      i recvd my appointmnt lettr dts it,,
      m nt evn gettin loi acceptnce tab ,,, 🙁

  159. Anyone from Bangalore whose interview was on 16th Aug ,who still have not get any selection or rejection mail!!!or because till now I don’t receive any mail from Wipro side regarding the same…pls comment guys here

  160. Ramana.. Did u get d loi acceptance? M nt getting ny sch tab.. Neither I knw hw to proceed fr d online campus test.. N any idea.. Abt joining?

    • I got that LOI tab and accepted that. But since Sep24th on wards that tab is showing the message like ” NOT APPLICABLE” for everyone irrespective or accepted or not So need to worry I guess. Otherwise please drop an email them. No idea of DOJ but guessing that the email should receive in a day or in this week.

  161. Any one has idea when can we get Date of Joining who already got Offer letter at Hyderabad people? Please share it

  162. Guys.. Did u lose intrst in wipro? No updates frm so lng tym.. Gv updates ya.. Do we need to gv ny pre joining xams?? Those selected in on campus hv 2 gv.. So.. Ny idea?

    • Nobody lost interest. Everybody is waiting for doj which will hopefully come in oct or in nov. We don’t have to give any modules.

  163. Chck ur appointment letter 4th page.. Title – online project campus.. The last line of it.. What dat mean then..

    • Online modules means some times everyone has to qualify before joining time. This is happening with TechMahendra and IGATE also. But most of the time it applicable of on campus people. So I am assuming that it won’t applicable for us means off campus people.

  164. Respected sir/madam,
    Before some days i had regestered for wipro open
    placement campus. But because of some truble i forgot my passward. Now i
    can’t receive any E-mails regarding the regestration. So i want to replace
    my new E – mail id instead of old id. Following is my old and new E-mail id.
    old id – shubhamhate02@rediffmail.com.
    new id – shubhamhate49@gmail.com.
    my regestration no – 5650838.
    I request u to please resend me all those mails after my
    regestration on my new id.
    thank you.
    ( Shubham Hate)

  165. Hey all.. I got my joining letter today.. At greater noida.. On 17th Nov.. Plzz guys lemme knw who r gng to join me.. Super happy

  166. could I change my graduation mark in cam form as I selected for wipro gis.as I have mentioned my honours percentage instead of agregate percentage .what will I do.plz help suggest me .


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