IT Engineers Prefer Government Job Of Any Field Over Private Jobs

There has always been craze for government jobs in India. But even after having thousands of IT companies in India , IT Engineers are preferring government job of any field over IT jobs. Why is that so trend ? Just remember around 9-10 years ago , there were many government officials retiring from their job to get employment in private companies. Just because of higher salary package at that time. Even BPO Employees were earning better than a Group B employee of Government. But just after 2-3 years Government Of India regulates Sixth Pay Commission which had totally changed the earning statistics of government officials. Very soon Seventh Pay Commission would be regulated from next year 2016 and there are very high hopes of better salary package. Whereas we have not found much changes in the salary package of the IT Engineers. So it is inevitable that IT engineers would prefer government job in any field. Here are some of the pros and cons of both the areas and Government job does hold a weight on it.

Government Job :
Pros :

  1. Permanent Job : You feel job secured for your future as per the government job is concerned. This is the main cause of the parents to force their kids in India to get government job.
  2. Benefits and Perks : This is one of the best part of government job. You would have certain discounts on many service sectors including internet bills, Leave Travel Allowances, HRA etc. How great it is for an armed force personnel to have 50% discount on air fare with family.
  3. Salary Hike : It is always assured of salary hike every year and it has nothing to do with the performance at the job. How great it would be to get salary hike for just an attendance to the office.
  4. No of Leaves : First of its easy to get leave in government jobs. There are huge number of holidays including Gazetted Holidays, Weekends and Paid Holidays.
  5. Stress Free Life :  This is the best advantage of government job over IT jobs. The latter has disadvantage of stressful life.
  6. Respect : You will be respected by your subordinate. If you are at higher position and power you will be treated as special by the people.

Cons :

  1. Transfers :  Central Government employees must be ready to transferred to anywhere in the nation. This creates an extra burden of moving and packing the home items to a new place.
  2. Quality of Work : Except the work as engineers at the PSUs or armed forces, in most of the government jobs the quality of work is not up to the standards. Nobody cares even if work is done or not. Just files get transferred from one place to another. Although now a days its changing.
  3. Steady Growth :  Government jobs have steady growth, there are no way to move up or down in a short term. The whole job is planned to be at constant rate.
  4. Less Competition :  It is so hard to get into government job because of the huge amount of competition among millions of candidates. But once get into the government job, this competitiveness faded away with time.
  5. Reservation system : No comments on it. You can get it.
  6. Poor Working Environment :  Still most of the government employees work with no ac or cooler inside the office. Suppose at summer time with temperature over 40 degrees , you are working in a slow running fan or not even running.

IT (Private) Jobs :

Pros :

  1. Good Working Environment :  The quality of facilities is really good, far better than in government sector. You will get to working inside an air conditioned office in almost all the MNCs.
  2. Lot of Opportunities : The are huge amount of opportunities to grow your career and it does take a single shot to change your whole career.
  3. Change of Jobs : You are always open to change your jobs according to your talent and salary requirement.
  4. Onsite Opportunity : With the smartness and hard work in the private sector , you can make it to the abroad opportunities. There you can learn latest technologies.

Cons :

  1. Job Insecurity : This is no a secret, yes, you can be kicked out at anytime in private jobs. That’s why always try to learn the best out of your job.
  2. Less Holidays : There are many MNCs who give holidays on Saturdays and Sundays.  But in many cases you may have to work on weekends too. It is totally dependent on the project you are working upon. Number of holidays in a year is very less compare to government jobs.
  3. Sycophancy : Always be obedient to your boss. They are like “boss is always right”. One wrong move can shatter your reputation.
  4. High Competition : You must always be ready for the competition with your peers. You have to deliver even at the worst conditions. This is where it could also become an advantage. Most of the people are successful in private sectors due to this point.
  5. Stressful Life :  Life is very stressful as you have to give your 100% at work. Once you have married life, it is quite difficult to balance the personal and professional life.

It is very hard to get into government jobs because of high competition from all the fields unlike IT jobs where only a proper set of skills are required. Although for a competitive and hard working employee IT jobs are the best. If you become an expert in your field, there are no limits on your earning. In IT jobs you must always adapt yourself with the changing technology. Now a days there are lot of options for freelancing i.e Website Designing and Development, Programming etc. You cannot have other source of earnings while being in a government job due to rules and regulations. Your earnings would always be incrementing at constant rate whereas in the IT jobs money you could earn within a year through your talents would be more than what you could earn in your whole government job life. So it all depends on the luck and the talent of the individual.

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