Internship At CRY Chennai 2014-15

About Internship At CRY 2014-15 :

Childhood in India is not the same for all children; many childhoods coexist based on economic and social conditions, physical and mental ability as well as of geographical location to name a few. Respecting children as sovereign, equal members is a step towards recognizing their voices in defining their best interest as participants and not just mute beneficiaries of state or community welfare.

Internships  at CRY  Chennai   provide an opportunity  for students, to put into practice and deepen their theoretical knowledge of child rights challenges in  the  Indian context. Internships offer a chance to know more  about  various developmental perspectives  related to child rights through in depth orientations, hands on experience of research,  training and advocacy.

Assignments are customized considering an intern’s interest and learning needs. Internships at CRY are unpaid. Though we can assure you an enriching and congenial work environment with loads of work and excitement.

Stipend: Unpaid

Job Location: Chennai

Duration: Minimum six weeks

Last Date: ASAP

Eligibility Criteria:

Preferred Qualification: Higher Secondary and above. (Preferably a college student)

How To Apply:

Applications accepted throughout the year. Interested applicants need to apply by sending in their CV/Resume to [email protected]


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