Infosys Employee Referral Drive For Freshers : Oct 2014 : Across India


About Infosys:

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions. As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow’s enterprise, Infosys enables clients in more than 30 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.Infosys provides enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data and cloud computing.

Company Name: Infosys

Company Website:

Position: Trainee

Salary: Best In Market

Location: Across India

Test Location: Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune

Batch: 2014 batch Only

Last Date To Apply: 15th October 2014 (5 PM)

Eligibility Criteria:

BE/B.TECH/ME/M.TECH/MCA/M.Sc in any discipline with excellent academic record.

Candidate must not have participated in any selection process of Infosys in the last 9 months.

Graduates from the year 2014 are only eligible to apply.

Infosys Referral Drive

How To Apply:

Send the below mentioned details to Any Infosys Employee For Referral.

Full name:
Mobile No.:
Mail Id:
X std %:
XII std%:
state of pass:
Year of Pass:
Preferred test location:

You can ask Any Infosys Employee For this referral drive. If you don’t find any referral then please make use of Facebook and Linkedin to find infosys employees details.

Note: Last date for receiving referral details is October 13, 2014 till 5 PM.


  1. Hey please tell me if anyone got offer letter drive held in HMR college ,i gave my online test on 9th nov HMR and got result for interview on same day,interviewed on hmr college on 11 november 2014 and stil waiting for selection or rejection email so if any onyone have any kind of info please share because i am waiting for results else i have to join other organisation with bond so please give your time and help me thankss…

  2. Hey..need help…please..
    Can anyone give me their interviewer name if he/she introduced to you in your interview at pune KJ Eng. college on 10th or 11th November?
    please please tell me if you know the name of anyone of penal member…it will really help me…thanks u in advance.

        • any tips?? like what questions r dey asking and how u responded back wen u were unsure about answers.

          p.s i have interview on 23rd

          • @himija Have you cleared the written process ??

            I’m from Non-CS background, soo tip for interview is, be positive, be confident don’t persuade from interviewer.

            if you are unsure tell him or start your reply like ” i think… or in my knowledge.. stanz etc;)

            my Infy interview exp is awsum. Never feel like an interview. Just a friendly chat .

            any qstns. feel free to ask.
            Good Luck

    • hi pradeep..I too have received the offer we have to acknowledge it as well by sending any mail?? Although its not mentioned anywhere but still wanted to be sure of..Thanks.

      • Hi Neha, i was interviewed on 11th nov and I haven’t got any mail neither rejection nor regarding that login id yet. Same was the case with you I guess. Did you get offer letter directly? Actually anyone I’ve talked with who had given interview with me on the same day has received that login I’d mail. So I’m a bit confused right now.

        • @Satyam, If you haven’t got any rejection mail till date… then your application is not considered ‘under Process’ soo have patience.. i know it is difficult for you as u are in state of confusion whether selected or not.

          Some of my friends which had given there interview with me are under the same condition as u are.

          Soo, what i think, you will get the offer letter in a period or 1 month or more. keep your fingers crossd. :O

        • hi satyam…even I didn’t receive any login id mail nor rejection as be patient..your offer letter surprise would be coming soon..good luck πŸ™‚

      • No need to acknowledge them back.

        Just book your tickets and Bring your Notary Service Agreement with you. That’s it !

        C u there.. :p

    • @sahana : yes, if u got the login id mail from Talent Acquisition. then probability is you are placed and will get the offer letter withing 10 days of the mail.

      Keep checking your application status by logging in @infycarrers.

      If you haven’t got any rejection mail after your interview.. then there will be a positive response them. But main thinking is offer letter can take a period of minimum of 10 days to 2 months. orr in some case it goes over 2 months.

      It depends upon your Luck πŸ˜‰

      Best wishes

  3. Hi i m akash anurag.
    I have given the infosys refral drive interview at 17 nov. In kolkata drive.
    Have any one got congratulation mail or something.
    Or do you have any idia after how many days they will mail the results of selection.
    By the way my interview was good. And i m eagerly waiting to become the family member of infosys.
    Help me out friends.

  4. % My Experience %

    Referral Drive at NIEC, Delhi on 27 Nov,2014

    Hello, myself Pradeep Singh Negi.

    First of all I want to thank those people who had shared there “Infosys interview experience” with us, as it helps a lot in preparation. So i’m also gonna gave it back to others.

    My Online Test was on October 25, 2014; Test Centre -Northern India Engineering College, Delhi

    The duration of the Exam will be approximately 95 minutes, and will comprise
    (a) Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking
    (b) Mathematical Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
    (c) Verbal Ability Test

    Important topics in respect to the exam- Syllogisms, Allegations and Mixtures, Speed and Distance, Time and Work, problem on age and train, permutation and combination, Assertion and Reason, Data sufficiency, 1 question on Probability and 1 question from Crypt-arithmetic (normal level).

    In verbal ability test- Two paragraph based question set (5 to 6 questions in each set). One paragraph is of normal size and second one is big. Many of you wouldn’t able to read i completely. So plz don’t read the entire paragraph.. just first read the questions the find the answer (I’m sure,it will work). Rest topics which came were- Paragraph Formation, Spotting Errors, Fill in the blanks.

    After the exam- I was sure that i have given my best and interview call will definitely come. And the Result came as expected.

    Interview email was sent to only those candidates who had cleared online test process. Rest of the student got a “regret mail’ 2 or 3 days later.

    My Interview Process: October 27, 2014 at 08:30 AM (Morning shift)

    Around 600 people were gathered in auditorium and interview process got started at 9:20 am. First, the infy placement volunteer started calling out name according to some unknown order (as on asking later they told me it is confidential). I was little bit tensed and unexpectedly i was the fourth person to give interview :p

    After waiting for 1hr 15min my turn came. my heart beat goes louder and louder. I took a long breath and entered the cabin.

    Me-May I come in sir !! ( He was reading my Resume )

    Sir- Yes, Mr. Negi, come.

    (I come inside and sat over chair)
    Me- thank you sir. (with a smile**)

    Sir- So Pradeep, what you’re doing now days ?
    (I thought that he will ask me about myself :p :p)
    Me- Told whatever i was doing recently.

    Sir- Ohk good. So you are from Instrumentation background (Non-CS/IT). Do you have any knowledge of programming? have you studied it your academic curriculum??

    Sir- What type of new technologies are coming in instrumentation field?
    Me- Told

    Sir- Can you connect instrumentation field with computers? How??

    Sir- Any part of your field where u think new inventions and work to be done? or you want to improve?
    Me- Told

    Sir- oky good. Now come to your co-curriculum activities. Here in your resume you have mentioned many things. Have you ever organised any function or event??
    Me- Told and described everything .. whatever i had done in my past. (My plus point πŸ˜‰ )

    Sir- sounds good. what feedback you got after the event you had organised.? What thing you want to improve for next time?
    Me- Told.

    Sir-Ok, Pradeep. nice to talk to you. We will shortly respond over your candidature. Hope to see you with us. Any question you want to ask ??
    Me- Yess, sir ( i know that they will surely offer me to ask a question and i was prepared for that. This question strike in my mind when i was waiting for my interview turn to come :p )

    Me- Sir, during Recession period why Infosys fired their employees from jobs.?? (give a big smile :-D)
    Sir- (almost laughed :p :p) Who told u this ??

    Me- Sir, in news and media in 2009. around 40000+ employees loose their jobs. So why this things happened?
    Sir- ok, (in explaining mood) consider in your class their are 100 students. if 2% students not scored up-to the mark, they are not promoted to the next semester.. similarly is in Infosys.

    Me- ohk. sir got it. (with a smile :-P)

    Sir- Any more questions ?
    me- No. sir !! thank you πŸ™‚

    Sir- Welcome pradeep. Good Luck !


    Almost 95% of people have given only one interview (depends upon your luck) rest Few people have give 2 interview.

    After interview, Infosys placement volunteer told us that result and further process will be informed through email.

    In period of 5-6 days from the date of your interview, you will received a “Rejection mail”, If you hadn’t got it then i’m sure the result will be positive.

    An email from “TALENT ACQUISITION” will come, informing your application status and login-id. ( *NOTE-If u haven’t got neither a rejection mail nor login-id mail, still you can receive an offer letter from Infosys. In respect to -As in one of my friend case)

    An offer letter email will be sent to you in 10-15 days after you had received your login-id email. (**as in my case)

    Around 1800 given the written exam and 870 cleared the online test and 700 are selected. (**my rough idea. what i had seen and heard. #Not official data)

    #Tip : crack the written exam, prepare all the topics mentioned above and be positive and confident in interview. πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck

    Pradeep πŸ˜€

    • hi pradip,
      i given interview on d same day i.e. 27 oct at niec,delhi.till date i didnt got any mail from infy side, either selection or rejection. can any 1 tell me it s under consideration or….?

      • Some of my friends are in the same condition as you are now.

        What i think is, candidates which not selected have received their rejection mails. So, those who hadn’t received that one are under consideration.

        Actually they are examining the application in some order and only certain no. of application are Under process at a time.

        Soo be positive, i knw your state of condition is bit difficult, but we can’t do anything.. just we can pray to god.

        Good luck

  5. I have completed written on 8th nov and interview on 10th nov…till now i didn’t get any mail…how many days it will take to send selected or rejected mail…plsss give reply…plsss

    • Infosys Off Campus for 2014 batch :
      Openings for the role of a Systems Engineer
      Requirements –
      1. BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech in any discipline (CSE/ IT/ Electronics / ECE / EEE branches will be preferred)
      2. MCA / MSc (Computer Science / Electronics / Mathematics / Physics / Statistics / IT / Information Science)
      3. Consistently excellent academic track record
      4. Graduates from the year 2014 only
      5. Candidates should not have participated in any selection process with Infosys in the last 9 months
      Candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria can mail the following details to, by 24th November, 2014.
      Details required –
      1. Full name
      2. Mobile number
      3. Email address
      4. Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
      5. X Std Percentage
      6. XII Std Percentage
      7. Diploma(Percentage/GPA and Graduating State – If Applicable)
      8. Graduation (Percentage/GPA, Graduating State, Year of Passing and Specialization/Branch)
      9. Post Graduation(Percentage/GPA, Graduating State, Year of Passing and Specialization/Branch – If Applicable)
      10.Preferred Test location (Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kolkata, Pune)

  6. @sireesha I had also given my test on 8th at hmr college delhi and interview on 10th..
    One of my friend got rejeciton mail a day after but I did not get any response uptill nw..
    Please update if u get any information regarding the same

    • dear rejection mail for not selected in interview or for test………….i also had test and interviewed at hmr on 12 since no communication from infy….

  7. i gave my interview on 11 nov on HMR delhi any one got offer letter from HMR please share ur exp or let me know that weather anyone got selection or rejection mail till date …..My interview was quite good bt still not received rejection /selection mail from infy please share if any info u hv…..Thanks in advance

    Interviewed at HMR-11/11/2014
    Received Login id -18/11/2014

  8. did anyone got interview results held on “17th NOVEMBER, VARDHAMAN COLLEGE, HYD.” Please let me know..if u know from ur friends also please let me know.. I am totally depend on this.. Please…

  9. hey friends i gave interview at HMR institute delhi on 10th nov recieved login credentials on 18th nov and 3-4 days ago my application was uploaded and its still in process. how much more time will it take for the process to be complete and result declared. please reply..

  10. @saurabh What is you joining date at mysore??
    I have given interview on 24 November ,NIEC Delhi.
    I have my account on Infosys careers and haven’t received any mail regarding login id.I also havent’t got any selection or rejection mail.
    When can i expect my offer letter on mail??

    • Dear sameer my joining date is 5 jan and if u hv’nt received rejection mail till now u will get ur offer letter probably within 15 days…..wish u all the best

  11. got my offer letter today
    gave interview 10th nov hmr delhi
    @saurabh do we have to acknowledge the ofer letter mail??

  12. @lalit
    I gave interview on 24 Nov atNIEC Delhi.e Also i haven’t received any mail regarding login id.
    Nor any selection or rejection mail.Can i expect my selection and offer letter from Infosys.

  13. Hi
    My brother is going to pass out as it in 2015 batch
    Pls tell me any drive or off campus is there in chennai or tricky,Coimbatore etc. pls help us. Pls asap

  14. is any one der who got login id but didnt get offer letter who gave interviw on 27 bangalore??????
    plz do rpl….

  15. anyone got the offer letter for the infy referral drive held on 17 nov at vardhaman clg,hyderabad….plzzz do rly….

  16. sir/mam,iam shamshun.I Completed interview on 27th october 2014 in hyderabad and status is mentioned as in process but i have not yet received any mail regarding my offer letter.If possible kindly acknowledge me about it.


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