Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test


The Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test (“Test”) is an online test designed to look for young talents majoring in Computer Science and related fields. Those participants who have high scores on the programming problems may be invited to interviews for Software Engineer, University Graduate, or other positions


August 18 (Monday)  => 13:00 CST => 3hr => Round A
September 15 (Monday)  =>  13:00 CST  => 3hr => Round B
October 13 (Monday)  => 13:00 CST => 3hr => Round C
November 10 (Monday) => 13:00 CST  => 3hr  => Round D

Note: All times are 24-hour China Standard Time (CST)

Eligibility Criteria:

To all BS, MS and PhD students expecting to graduate in 2015 who hope for a software engineering career at Google, be sure to register to participate.

Outstanding performers in the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test will be invited to interview at Google.

The APAC Test consists of four online rounds in which students can choose to participate. The four online rounds will take place on August 18, September 15, October 13 and November 10, 2014. Find the schedule here. You may participate in any round, or any combination of rounds. In each round, participants will receive scores for providing answers to a series of coding problems. After each round, some of the highest-scoring participants may be invited to interview at Google

More Information: Click Here


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