Anna University Should Roll Back Internal marks!


The Anna University has sparked controversy with the students of affiliated colleges coming down heavily on the authorities for the “internal marks rule”. Internal marks was released on 6th January 2014 for all students but due to some error in calculation marks were again calculated and live on anna university portal website from 10 January 2014 onwards.

The online internal marks was introduced by the university 6 months back. According to the changed rules, “All Affiliates colleges should provide students Cycle test marks and attendance details in Anna university website portal”. But after the allocation of internal marks the students have termed the decision as “unfair and against the natural justice”. Internal marks will directly affect in the performance of students of final years mostly as they have whole career depends on this result.

Praveen a Final Year Students on this ” We have tried hard this time to clear all papers this time but after seeing internal marks we are extremely shocked and sad. University has not informed us before that how they are going to calculate internal marks. Before many teachers said the internal marks will be based on best of 2 tests + attendance. Praveen added on this I have got above 70 marks in all subjects and my attendance was 82% due to medical problems. Its very disappointing for me and for my parents that they have spend more than 4 lakh rupees on me for this course and finally i am scared about my results as no one can pretend theory results.”

Its a demand from all affiliated colleges that university should revoke the regulation or should change the internal marks.This internal marks will directly affect the colleges result as getting 14 marks is necessary in internal to get pass in theories for students who get just pass in exams.

A minimum of 14 marks in internal + 36 marks in theories is required to get pass in any paper. Many students has been rewarded less then 14 marks in internal which is a worrying sign for most of them. Also Students demands that university should cancel internal marks this time as none of the students and colleges where serious about last semester and students are ready to accept new rules from this semester onwards.


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