7th Pay Commission Recommended Salary Calculation Method


How To Calculate Your Salary as per 7th Pay Commission Report Submitted to the Government :

Seventh Pay Commission headed by Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur had submitted its 7th Pay Commission report on 19th Nov 2015. According to the new recommendations there will be an overall hike of 23.55% from the present salary drawn by the central government employee.

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This time 7th Pay Commission had introduced the concept of payment matrix and stopped the concept of basic pay and grade pay.

7th Pay Commission Standard Pay Scale : Pay matrix with distinct Pay Levels

Seventh CPC is recommending a Pay matrix with distinct Pay Levels instead of Running Pay bands and Grade Pay.

For Example , Ms. ABC is presently drawing a Basic Pay of ₹12,560 in GP 2400 (Current Basic Salary 10160 + GP 2400 ).  For Normal Fitment, her Basic Pay will first be multiplied by a factor of 2.57 and then rounded-off to the nearest Rupee. In this case 12560 x 2.57 = 32,279.20, which will be rounded-off to ₹32,279. She will then be placed in the Pay Matrix in the Level corresponding to GP 2400 (Level 4 in this case) in a cell either equal to or next higher to ₹32,279. In this case, her salary will be fixed at ₹32,300.


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