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About Teach For India:

teachforindiaAt Teach For India, each one of us feels lucky. Incredibly lucky. We understand that it is just a matter of chance that we are where we are today. We didn’t choose the family that we were born into, or choose the fact that our parents could afford to give us quality education. Every time we make a choice, we feel lucky. However, we cannot help but think …what if? What if these choices weren’t available to us?

It is this thought that makes us work towards that one day when every child in India will attain an excellent education. The family or the demographics that a child is born into should not determine his or her destiny. We understand the importance of education but more importantly, we understand the value of each of those 320 million lives and the potential in every one of them. Imagine 320 million astronauts, or 320 million scientists. Imagine 320 million change-makers driving India forward. That’s what we’re working towards – A day when every child gets the opportunity to attain an excellent education. A day when we can empower every human being with choice. Because that’s what every child deserves. That’s what India deserves.

Internship Provider: Teach For India

Website: http://www.teachforindia.org/

Course Duration: 2 years

Location: Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad

Salary: Rs. 17,500 per month

Fellows will be given a housing allowance ranging from Rs.6,000 to Rs.8,300, depending on the city in which they will stay. In addition, Fellows will receive an allowance for school supplies.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria to the Teach For India Fellowship program are as follows:

1) Minimum Qualification
You must have completed all coursework required for your undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree equivalent) from an accredited college or university by the last week of May 2014.

2) Academic Record
Your degree transcripts (graduate/postgraduate certificates) will be reviewed before an admission decision can be taken. Applicants must also pass any coursework indicated in their transcripts at the time of the interview.

3) Nationality
You should be either (i) an Indian citizen or (ii) a foreign national of Indian origin. Foreign citizens who are not of Indian origin are not eligible to apply.

Note to Foreign nationals of Indian origin): For more information on the OCI card, please go to the Ministry of Home Affairs. To apply for the OCI card, please go to the Online OCI Registration Form. We recommend applying for the OCI card as soon as you have made the decision to join the Fellowship, as it takes approximately 1-3 months to receive the card.

4) Commitment & Location
You should be willing to make a full-time commitment to teaching and living in one of our placement cities (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad) starting June 2014. Fellows of the program will be full-time staff members of the schools in which they are placed, and will work stipulated school hours, six days a week.

5) English Fluency
You should be fluent in English as Teach For India Fellows will be placed in English-medium schools and will be expected to conduct training in English.

6) Age Limit
There is no age limit to apply for Teach for India Fellowship Program.

Last Date To Apply: December 11th 2013.

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Teach for India will not accept hard-copy applications. Please do not print and mail hard-copy applications to Teach For India.

Each applicant will be allowed ONLY ONE application for the Fellowship.

There will be no fees charged for filling and submitting the online application form.

To know More About This Program Click Here

For any kind of queries please visit official site of TFI http://www.teachforindia.org

Important Note: Form is Very Big and fill it carefully. Remember You can fill form only once so avoid mistakes.


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