IBM Extreme Blue Program – Summer Internship 2018

IBM Extreme Blue Program – Summer Internship 2018

IBM Extreme Blue program offers summer internships for the candidates for 12 weeks of intense creative thinking. Think of it as the opportunity to run your own business, with the support, expertise and backing of one of the world’s leading technology companies. Extreme Blue program at IBM isn’t your average summer internship it is 12 weeks of intense creative thinking.

Working in a small team of students, you’ll tackle a real business problem. Your task? Develop an idea to solve it – one that no one else has thought of – and then, turn that idea into a real product. When the 12 weeks are up, you’ll showcase it to our executives, business partners and clients. Expectations will be high and the results will be scrutinized closely. So, it’s not an easy ride – but we guarantee it’ll be an incredible experience.

The benefits of Extreme Blue will last well into your future career. And, if you’re looking to return to IBM as a graduate, We look forward to your returning to IBM as a graduate and we’ll do everything we can, to make it possible.

Where else could you experience all this?

  • Develop a technology and business plan to bring a new product to life in just 12 weeks.
    Have the product you developed potentially used by millions of people around the world (and even be front page news).
  • Have the freedom to work on a project with no constraints – we want you to be creative, push yourself and your team to come up with new ideas
  • Get real life client facing experience – by presenting your ideas and concepts to IBM’s clients, business partners and often the press
  • A unique opportunity to develop not only your business and technical skills but also skills such as teamwork, project management, presentation skills
  • Grow your network by building relationships with influential people
  • Learn from and work with some of the most creative technical and business minds in the world.
  • Have access to technology and thinking that’s beyond cutting-edge.
  • Pick up a huge range of skills and get unique, real world experience on your CV
  • Make great friends – and work with them in some really cool surroundings.

What opportunities do we offer?

You’ll work side-by-side with experienced master inventors to develop the next big thing. It’s an amazing opportunity to advance your skills with a group of leading tech gurus.

You’ll work in a team of 2~4 students. In these teams your challenge will be to develop the technology and business plan that you can deploy this year as a new product to life for IBM or prototyping technology that’s 2-3 years away from release.

You’ll be the one managing the project, keeping the project on schedule, meeting targets and objectives, that’ll involve dealing directly with clients, determining the features your solution will need and putting together a watertight business case.

Technology roles:

  • You’ll be part of the team that architects, designs, develops and tests an innovative new product for your client. You’ll work with some true technological geniuses here, too – which will give you the chance to expand your own skills.
  • People studying a technical/scientific/numerical degree, with an aptitude for programming.
  • True problem solvers – those who can analyse tricky issues and work in teams to solve them.

You should be studying a technical, scientific or numerical degree and have excellent analytical, problem solving and teamwork skills – along with a talent for programming.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates pursuing Master of Technology program or Master of Engineering or Doctorate program (Ph.D), program in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from one of the top ranked university graduating within one year after the internship.

What kind of projects will you work on?

  1. Develop the NextGen Protection System to Detect and Protect against Advanced Persistent Threats and Cyber attacks
  2. Define a Responsive mobile design framework to be used for various application UI design’s integrated with hybrid applications
  3. Develop a Log Analytics UI for Cloud Operating Environments
  4. Dynamic & Contextual Mobile Performance Testing Platform for Cloud offering
  5. Smarter commerce NLP based B2B messaging for SMBs
  6. Logic switching simulation and automation for cross-section analysis and timing closure in eDRAM

In Extreme Blue projects, you will get the opportunity to work on new product concepts or services that addresses exciting market challenges in the areas of Smarter Commerce, Smarter Planet, Green Electronics, Cloud Computing, Smart Grid and Energy Storage.

Stipend: You will receive a competitive remuneration in the form of a monthly stipend.
A one time allowance to take care of your temporary accommodation, conveyance and boarding.

Selection Process

The selection process would be a combination of written tests, phone or in-person technical and personal discussions.

How To Apply:

Apply Link: Click Here

More Info: Click Here


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