Trending | Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2018


Trending | Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2018 | Salary Comparison, Skillset Required & Exprience

The world needs people who can deliver their talent for the betterment of the companies. Usually, people end up being in the wrong jobs for the rest of their lives. In spite of the definitive skill set & experience required, you must it get distracted from your dream job. Here is a list of employment which is considered as the trending top 10 highest paying jobs in IT Sector 2018.

    1. Data ScientistData scientist engineers salary ranges from $240,000 to $245,000. Very large companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart and Yahoo are searching for skilled data scientists who can mine data and provide useful solutions to the statistical issues that arise out of the blue. The salaries are not only high, but they can also be deemed as highest paying jobs in 2018. The bulk data that is loaded in the website needs managing by data scientists. Data scientists are mostly required by companies who base their customers via online portals. The bulk data and their patterns are encrypted by the well experience job data scientists who have an idea of the demographical patterns. They mine the data and provide essential solutions for the various problems that arise, which is one of the responsibilities that are needed. Aspiring engineers can also find many certification courses on Udemy to start career as Data Science.
    2. Architect of Big Data Solutions : Big Data Architect salary ranges from $160,000 to $175,000. You must have head of Hadoop solutions. These architects are responsible for managing and directing the full operation of life cycle of a hadoop circle. The art of designing a technical solution, testing operation and selection of various platforms for analyzing the solution is managed by the architect of the data solutions. Hadoop is not the only tool for developing big data Solutions, MapReduce, Oozie, Zookeeper and Sqoop are also used for carrying out the tasks of big data solutions.
    3. Architect of IOT Solution : IOT Architect salary for one of the highest paying job in 2018 as an Architect of iOT Solutions ranges from $150,000 to $165,000. If you are a member of the iOT solutions you are sure to come across the project for designing of hardware and software for implementation of smart solutions for the various companies who require it. The process of client training is also done which will create an ecosystem for the solutions which can only be provided by iOT architects who can carry out the structural training. The process of knowledge sharing with the world also comes as a skill set that is required by the iOT solution Architects. Many international clients seek the company who can provide responsibilities permanent solutions. Such skill requires knowledge and assets to prove that you have what it takes.
    4. Blockchain Engineer : Blockchain Engineer salary ranges from $145,000 to $150,000. The concept of Blockchain must be clear if you wish to become an engineer that deals with the skills required. Softwares that delal with encrypted algorithms, mechanisms that deal with consensus and technoogies for distribution are required. You will need to be an expert in Unix or Linux for the administration of computer system along with shell scripts. You will also have to be proficient in various blockchain implementations like Multichain, ethereum, hyperledger and so on. It is not always about the salary. Many engineers love the experience they gather from working with various clients and the knowledge they seek from them. Even though they are considered as one of the highest paying jobs in 2018, one must start seeking the knowledge before taking into big responsibilities for international companies.
    5. Architect of Artificial Intelligence : this is one of the highest paying jobs in 2018 and the salary ranges from $145,000 t0 $150,000. The creation of machines which can out smart humans require a whole lot of skill set. The artificial intelligence architects must devise ultra smart solutions to meet the requirement of the clients. One needs to be pretty efficient in mathematics and physics to know the basics of artificial intelligence and the skills required. Python, Theano, Tensor flow and many other technologies are needed to be mastered for making the best out of this career. International companies head hunt the architects who can provide the work within the deadline. Many companies seek freelancers due to the lack of skilled architects of artificial intelligence. Salaried employees provide less work in the given deadline, research concludes.
    6. Architect of system : this high paying job’s salary ranges from $130,000 to $135,000. The planning and strategies of the system architects involve the infrastructural development and long term goals for the maintaining of system software. The designing, monitoring and devising of the goals require the directing of software which can improve the present conditions.  The development of system software is integral part of this job where integrated systems are implemented by the system architects. The consultation with the departments for development of infrastructure is equally essential and vital. System architects are often mistook for developers. However, a company who will provide the work, will know the skill required that only you can provide. Hence, it is necessary that you brush your skills every chance you get. You will need to vast your knowledge and make your brain smarter than everyone has to bag the highest paying jobs of 2018.
    7. Engineer of DevOps : Salary for this particular job is no less than $130,000 and not more than $132,000. The development of software is the primary concern of a devOp engineer. The skills involve e-cloud automation, orchestration of tools of DevOp and much more. The infrastructural design of software is mostly important part of any solution. Hence, the DevOp need to be a proficient in Linux/Unix system administration and a toll for shell scripting. Various languages of Python, Java, Pearl, Ruby and so on need to be at the tip of your fingers for implementing the devOp tools. Many seek to learn through experience and many undergo courses to learn the given languages. However, you will need to know that one cannot learn if they aim for the work before they learn. It will result into disastrous results if you do not fulfill the skills required.
    8. Manager of Product : the product managing of any company is one of the most important jobs of all. Salary for this job ranges from $120,000 to $124,000. The coding of computer languages like JAVA or JavaScript is essential for this job. The database knowledge and the basic SQL for the purpose of managing of software product need to be mastered. The understanding of Google and Tableau need to be specified as one of the most important for meeting basic purpose. You will not be expected to be a pro at Google analytics; however, you will be expected to have a basic understanding for the skills required and delivering certain responsibilities. The method of critical path, hands on pert and various others will constitute the product scheduling and management for the product manager. You will soon know why product managers are so much in need when you lead a project on your own. You will ne necessitated to lead a team of developers and engineers for maximizing the efficiency and results.
    9. Architect of cloud : this job has been mentioned before and it is vital that young graduated are directed towards a productive career of cloud architects. Salary is no less than $120,000 and not more than $125,000. If you are confused as to what a cloud architect really does, you must read the following. You must be familiar with cloud computing. The experience of cloud computing and the various platforms that deals with the cloud computing are very important for this job. The cloud architect must be having the skill to create and design very complex solutions for cloud computations. The cultural changes and development of the cloud based software will require solutions eventually. The cloud adoption and cloud architecture is also essential part of this job. The development of the cloud strategy and adoption of coordinators is very essential for the designing and developing of the complex cloud solutions.
    10. Full stack developer : a developer is the most important employee for a company who has several responsibilities. The magic happens via a developer who via his languages gets the software developed. Salary for these highest paying jobs in 2018 ranges from $100,000 to $115,000. The basic languages for coding like HTML, JAVA, CSS are required. On the road to becoming a full stack developer, you might want to consider freelancing for various companies who will not only give you exposure but also make you efficient in the field. MySQL, Oracle is also well known databases which need to be mastered. You can never know what will come in handy. Your knowledge will be based on the computer languages and you will be head hunted by various companies when you successfully deliver the job.

Among all the above mentioned highest paying jobs of 2018, one thing is clear that you will need to learn first. The development of a skill set requires patience, experience and most of all, knowledge. You will not be expected to know everything at the first day of work. You will learn with the flow and gather experience by interacting with developers of your field. Various tools and languages are available for learning for free. You can sign up for various courses via legible website which provide information for knowledge hungry people like you.


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