Effective Resume Writing Tips For Freshers


Whether a Professional Resume or an Informal Resume, the first thing in your mind should be about what exactly is a resume and how can it serve you to the best. Quite simply put, a resume is summary of your qualifications. Your resume should describe your abilities and achievements(not personal). Professional resume should include your professional & volunteer and experience,special skills, education and accomplishments.

A Good Resume helps you pique a prospective employer’s interest and prevents you from achieving circular file status. Whether you’re making a “cold” call or have already developed a contact within the company,your resume will help you market your skills and experience and perhaps land you in a Good interview.

For today’s job market,here are few tips to Make A Resume, effective resume For Freshers:

1) Address the employer’s needs

2) Show the how he/she will benefit

3) Be clear and concise

4) Organize you for job search

Always have a trial­and­error method. This should be only for yourself. It is nearly impossible at a point to sit down and write on first try and get a Perfect Resume. Keeping in your mind about the company or organization you are aiming to apply for in specific, jot down any and everything that comes to your mind when you think about your work and volunteer experience,your education, your special skills and accomplishments and make a Sample Resume. Don’t expect to finish this exercise in an hour or two.

A well prepared and well written resume will take time and more than one draft. This way your Resume Writing ability will be nourished and result in best output.

To proceed further the important Resume Format that helps to produce an effective resume are:

1. Work Experience ­ Responsibilities ­ Accomplishments

2. Volunteer Experience

3. Education ­ GPA,Graduating with honors ­ Internships, corporate work and foreign exchange & experience

4. Certification & Special skills/training

5. Memberships and activities

6. Awards & honors

Finally,In summary

If you follow these outline steps, your reward : To be included in the pile of “possible candidates”. For now, go eat a hot fudge sundae or order that pizza. You have earned it! You are beyond that blank piece of paper and on your way to developing an effective resume.


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