“Chennai Mathematical Institute” Internship For Undergraduate And Graduate Students 2014


Chennai Mathematical Institute accepts undergraduate and graduate students as interns. Details about the programmes available and the application procedure in Mathematics and Computer Science are given below.

Note: Summer internships in Computer Science, 2014

Deadline for application: 15 February, 2014.

Notification: 1 March, 2014.

Apply Mode: Use the online form. See below.

Travel, accommodation and scholarships:

  • Students will normally be eligible to claim return train fare by Sleeper Class.
  • CMI will make arrangements to provide accommodation to students, usually in the hostel on campus.
  • Students will be paid a fellowship. They will be expected to pay for their food in the hostel from this fellowship.

How to apply for internships at CMI:


CMI offers visiting students’ programme to orient motivated students pursue further studies in Mathematics. The programme is held in the CMI campus in the months of May, June and July.

There is no centralized application procedure. Please send email to individual faculty members directly, depending on your area of interest.

Computer Science:

Internships in Computer Science should be for at least one month and could be as long as a semester.


Students should have a background in programming, and preferrably some exposure to algorithms and/or automata theory. Typically, CMI does not offer internships to students before the end of their second year of college/university.

How to Apply:

For short term internships during summer and winter vacations, fill out your details in this online form.

Don’t forget to mention your preferred dates.

Please ensure that you enter a valid email address in the online form. We have no other way of contacting you after you apply.

For longer internships during the semester, please send email to individual faculty members directly, depending on your area of interest.


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